Among Us new map Airship announced by Innersloth. The new map AIrship was announced by the developers, Innersloth during The Game Awards. The Among Us is getting its 4th map in the game. We will discuss more details about the new map Warship in this article.

Among Us new map Warship announced

The new map Airship has been announced by the developers, Innersloth. This is the 4th map that the game is getting. The new map will arrive next year in the game but we have the exact date of Among Us New Map Airship Release, we have some exclusive news about the latest map Airship which we will discuss in this article. We also have a video of the map which we have shared in this post, have a look at the exclusive details of the new map airship and its announcement.

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Among Us new map Airship announced

Among Us new map Airship announced, and Innersloth has revealed all the details about the new map Airship. The new map Airship will be based on an Airship theme. The new map Airship was revealed by the developers, Innersloth, at The Game Awards.

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Among Us new map Airship announced trailer: The Innersloth has also revealed a trailer of the new map Airship. In the new map trailer, there is a new location has been revealed. There are also some new activities for crewmates. In the new map trailer, Innersloth has shown that crewmates can try and complete without being murdered by the imposters, and that is something that players might be looking for. Before we move on to some more details about the Among Us new map Airship, you can watch out for the trailer.

The Among Us new map Airship announced on The Game Awards YouTube Channel. The Among Us is out from The Game Awards, Game of the year nominees, and the game of year nominees are as follow, The First one is Doom Eternal, and the list goes on to Final Fantasy VII, Ghost of Tsushima, Hades, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and The Last of Us Part II.

The year 2020 was bad for most of us and might be the best year for the Among Us. The game has gained a lot of popularity in the year 2020 itself, however, the game was launched in the year 2018, and none of the big popular streamers recognized it, but in the year 2020, the game has been played by almost all of the popular streamers out there on Twitch or on YouTube.

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Among Us new map Airship announced: Release Date

About the new map, Airship: The new map Airship, for the online social game Among Us has been announced at the Game Awards. The Among Us has won the best multiplayer game of the year at the Game Awards 2020. The new map Airship features a lot of new tasks for the players. This map is bigger than any other previous maps in the game and includes ladders ad elevators that you can use to go to different areas on the ship. The new map will have multiple points where you can spawn yourself.

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Among Us New Map Airship Release Date: The map was announced on the Game Awards YouTube Channel on Thursday. There is no official release date for the new map Airship as of now but it is expected to be released in the next year. The Among Us new map Airship will be released in early 2021.

So that is all we know about the Among Us new map Airship Announced and its release date.

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