How to Find Ancient Debris in Minecraft to Make Netherite

Minecraft 1.16 is one of the biggest and most awaited updates in Minecraft. This new Nether update has many interesting additions and changes in the game. Ancient Debris in Minecraft is new ore added in Minecraft Nether Update 1.16. This ancient debris can be only found in nether and they are used to make high-level material Netherite. Ancient Debris is the rarest ore found in the only nether. It is the only material by which you can make Netherite. Therefore you should know how to find ancient debris in Minecraft.

Where to find Ancient Debris in Minecraft

Ancient Debris is added to Minecraft Nether Update. It is one of the rarest ore in Minecraft. After the nether update, every player wants to make Netherite armor, tools, and weapons. To find ancient debris you have to go to nether, for that you have to create a nether portal. By creating the nether portal you can reach Nether. Now in 1.16, there are new biomes added in Minecraft such as soulsand valley, Netherwart Forest etc.

Ancient Debris is introduced in Nether Update and they can be only found in Nether. After Going to nether also there are many challenges to find Ancient Debris. Because you will not find ancient debris on nether surface. To make Netherite, you must know How to find Ancient Debris in Minecraft. Because Ancient Debris is the only substance from which you can get Netherite and Netherite is the strongest item in Minecraft after 1.16 update.

Find Ancient Debris in Nether
Find Ancient Debris in Nether

How to Find Ancient Debris in Minecraft

After reaching Nether, your process to find Ancient Debris starts. Ancient Debris is found deep below the Nether surface. To get them you have to dig deeper in Nether. As per sources, you will find Ancient Debris spawning at Y level 11. To get to that level deep down you must good mining weapons such as enchanted pickaxe for efficient Mining. Ancient Debris spawns from Y Level 11 and also spawn on level 13 to 17.

Mining and digging deep in nether is the one way to find ancient debris. But it is very hard and takes lot of time to find Ancient Debris in this way. One of the main characteristics of ANcient Debris that they are Blast Resistant. Therefore you can use TNT to excavating a large area so that you will find Ancient Debris more easily.

Block of Ancient Debris can be only mined using Diamond Pickaxe or stronger one like Netherite Pickaxe. Each packet gives 1-3 ancient Debris. If you mine it by other tools, you will get nothing. While finding ancient Debris you will face many dangers such as angry mobs, Lava and more. But getting ancient debris is worth it because from this you can make the strongest material in Minecraft that is “Netherite”.

How to Identify Ancient Debris

Once you are deep in nether, you will be looking for ancient debris. There will be blocks of ancient debris. They are brown in color and have a spiral design on the top. Once you find you have to mine it by diamond pickaxe and collect ancient debris. You will use this hard-earned ancient debris to make Netherite.

Ancient Debris in Minecraft
Ancient Debris in Minecraft

How to Make Netherite from Ancient Debris in Minecraft

Make Netherite in Minecraft from Ancient Debris
Make Netherite in Minecraft from Ancient Debris

Ancient Debris itself has no use in Minecraft, but they are used to make Netherite which is one of the most useful items. The Netherite ingot is used to make the strongest and efficient weapons and tools in Minecraft. Here is the simple process to get Netherite ingot from Ancient Debris.

  1. By smelting Ancient Debris in the furnace, you will get Netherite Scrap. For faster smelting, you can use the blast furnace.
  2. Once you have 4 Netherite scraps, you combine them with 4 gold ingot on the crafting table to get one Netherite ingot. So 4 Netherite Scraps + 4 Gold ingots gives you one Netherite ingot.
  3. Now you can use this Netherite ingot to convert your diamond gears in Netherite gears. Combining Diamond Pickaxe + Netherite ingot you will get Netherite Pickaxe, which is most strongest Pickaxe in Minecraft.

So this is how you can find Ancient Debris in Minecraft and make Netherite using it.

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  1. Ancient debris can also be found by TNT, ancient debris is blast resistant, meaning that TNT can’t destroy it.


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