Animal Crossing Bug Off Points, Prizes, Trophy, New Horizons, November 2020

Animal Crossing Bug Off Points: In the animal crossing series bugs are the items, Players have to catch the bugs with a net. Players can sell it to Tom Nook or they can donate it to the museum, placed into the Bug cage in the player’s home. Most bugs come out into look during the Summer, some come out in Autumn and spring, and very less come out into look during the winter.

Animal Crossing Bug Off Points

There are the points for catching bugs, if you catch a single bug you will get one point for this. After catching three bugs there will be two extra points you will get. This is the Animal Crossing Bug Off Points system.

Bugs that Are Obtainable in Animal Crossing Series

There are 8 bugs that are adding into the game, these are Ant, Pillbug, Snail, Spider Bagworm, Pondskater, and Mole Cricket. In summer months every third Saturday bugs off event occur. You will get the time of 3 minutes to catch the bugs that will be the task.

Animal Crossing Bug Off Prizes

Animal Crossing Bug Off Points
Animal Crossing Bug Off Prizes

You can exchange your points that you scored at any time with Flick, Flick gives you different items like wallpaper, rug, clothing, etc with the exchange of 10 points. To get Animal Crossing Bug Off Points you can repeat the same process during the event.

If you are new you will get free entry for the first attempt after that you will have to cost 500 Bells If you are playing with friends then it will be free.

Criteria to manage bugs?

If you caught any bug it directly transfers to the Flick’s bug cage. After that, you will be to sell that bugs directly from the cage to the Flick at 1.5X times the original value of Bugs. Until you cleared the cage you cannot begin the new attempt. You can also be able to choose to keep any grab for you.

Animal Crossing Bug Off Trophy

There are the points criteria to get the different trophy as you now you can get the different items by exchanging 10 points with Flick, Flick keeps your points record and if you are fit in the criteria then you get and trophy. There are three different trophies as per points criteria, For 100 points there is a Bronze trophy, For 200 points you will get Silver Trophy and if you have 300 points you will get Gold Trophy. These are the three Animal Crossing Bug Off Trophy.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

This is the bug-off event and for a whole day challenge. This event hosted by Flick and Red Lizard. This event will be on Saturday of summer months, So for the players of the Northern Hemisphere will have it from June to November and for the players of Southern Hemisphere will have it from November to February. The host Flick will be in resident services plaza from 9 am to 6 pm. If you want to get rewards and Trophy you have to get Animal Crossing Bug Off Points.

What Are The New Fish And Bugs For November 2020 in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

This month there are no critters for the Southern Hemisphere because the Southern Hemisphere is in winter. In Animal Crossing New Horizons there is a swarm of new fish and bugs. Also, the Southern Hemisphere has a huge number of Cicadas and Tropical Fish to start getting in November.

Some new fish and bugs for November 2020 in Animal Crossing New Horizon that is for the Northern Hemisphere are critter type is a fish, critters are sweetfish, Napoleonfish, Puffer Fish, Blue Marlin, Ocean Sunfish, Grasshopper, Brown cicada, Robust cicada, Giant cicada, etc and all are in the different locations like river, sea, pier, ground, trees, coconut trees, Near trees, etc. also find in different sizes like small, medium, large. Check the Official site for more info.

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