Anime Fighters Simulator Codes November 2021: Chikara Shards, Yen

We have brought this article to help you to know Anime Fighters Simulator Codes November 2021. In this article, you can explore the latest codes that you can use to redeem rewards in the game.

Anime Fighters Simulator Codes

Anime Fighters is a very amazing game that is full of fun and joy. There are a lot of codes in this game that you can use to earn rewards in this game. You can use these codes to earn different rewards such as chikara shards, yen, and much more. You have to simply type the codes in the right manner. The developers of this game keep on adding new codes. You can copy or paste the codes or type the code, in the same manner, it is written there.

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You can bookmark our page as we keep on adding the latest codes. Here, you will get the latest codes in this game that you can use to earn rewards.

Anime Fighters Simulator Codes November 2021 (Active Codes)

Here, we have explained the list of active codes that you can simply type and earn a lot of rewards in the game:

  • Super75k – Redeem for Luck Boost (NEW)
  • AttackOfGiants – Redeem for Luck Boost
  • Awesome50k – Redeem for Boosts!
  • ChuggaChugga – Redeem for Boosts!
  • Sulley100k – Redeem for Reward [Must Join Group]
  • Lucky30k – Redeem for Yen Boost
  • BronzePiece_ – Redeem for EXP Boost
  • RealDaireb – Redeem for Yen Boost
  • VexoStream: chikara shards
  • Emperadorstar: 5,000 chikara shards
  • sub2kelvin: chikara shards
  • Frangonewcode: 1,000 chikara shards
  • elemperador100k!: chikara shards
  • emperadorsubs: chikara shards
  • thankseveryonefor1mlikeweloveyou: 50,000 chikara shards
  • subtodefildplays: chikara shards
  • defildstream: chikara shards
  • dwaxinstream: 2,000 chikara shards
  • 5000chikara: chikara shards
  • anotherbugfix: chikara
  • subn1colas: chikara shards
  • n1colas2sub: chikara shards
  • sharthanksbugfixes: chikara shards
  • sub2hakimbo: chikara shards
  • gggames50k: 2,000 chikara shards
  • bigboi100k: chikara shards
  • Lastyearcode750k: chikara shards
  • tigre250k: chikara shards
  • secretrazorfishcode: chikara shards
  • Subemperadormaxi: chikara shards
  • kelvin600k: chikara shards
  • subfrango: chikara shards
  • frango2yen: yen
  • subtofrangoforchikara: chikara shards
  • Tigre200k: chikara shards
  • sub2tplanetmilo: yen
  • NNG: chikara shards
  • tigrehaveyen: yen
  • defild: chikara shards
  • tigretvsub: chikara shards
  • sub2razorfishgaming: yen
  • tigretv2sub: chikara shards
  • defild700k: chikara shards
  • GGgames40k: chikara shards
  • Sub2tanqr: chikara shards
  • subtokelvingts: yen
  • subtomrrhino: yen
  • Defildyen: yen
  • L3NI: chikara shards

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Anime Fighters Simulator Expired Codes

Here, we have explained the list of expired codes that are useless now. You cannot use these rewards to earn any rewards in the game:

  • twitter5k
  • merrychristmas
  • 650klikes
  • 600kamazing
  • 700klik
  • oneyear500m
  • GoodByeBugs
  • emilioglad30k
  • bloodlinefixes
  • rename
  • oneyear500m
  • frango2sub
  • fav75
  • 10kfollowers
  • 20kblockzone

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How to Redeem Anime Fighters Simulator Codes November 2021?

Now, we would like to explain the steps that you can follow to redeem the anime fighters simulator codes in the game. The complete steps have been given below:

  • First of all, you have to open Anime Fighting Simulator.
  • Now, you can simply tap on theĀ bird-shaped Twitter symbol that appears in the bottom left.
  • After this, you can simply enter theĀ Anime Fighting Simulator code that appears in the box. Now, it will tell you whether it is valid or not.
  • Now, if the code is valid, you can enjoy the in-game rewards.

We have explained the complete information regarding Anime Fighters Simulator Codes November 2021. You can stay tuned with us for further information regarding downloading this game. If you will find any expired codes in the list of active codes then you can tell us in the comment section. We will remove such codes from the list.

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It was the complete guide on Anime Fighters Simulator Codes November 2021. Now, we would like to conclude this article with the hope that you have got the complete information regarding these codes. If you have any queries regarding any codes in the game then you can feel free to ask us in the comment section. We would be happy to solve your queries regarding Anime Fighters Simulator Codes November 2021.

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