Ark Update Today April 29, 2021

Patch Notes: Client v327.10 – Server: v327.8 (Updated: 28/04/2021)
Ark Update Today 29 April

Ark Update Today 29 April

Current ARK Official Server Network Servers Version: 327.8

Current Version: v327.10 (Server is v327.8) – 04/28/2021

– Shadowmane Chibi now available for anyone who has collected all the Genesis Chronicles Explorer Notes
– Fixed a localisation crash
– Fixed an exploit that allowed players to cause others to disconnect using dedicated storage boxes
– Removed Easter Holiday content
– Eliminated edge cases where servers could have more players than the config would allowed.

This is Ark Update Today 29 April or 28 April as per regional timing.

Official Server Status

Is Ark: Survival Evolved Server Down?
After this update many of you may have faced server issue or some other problems.
Here on the official website of ark you can check current server status.
In the Forum thread you can check current server problems occured.
Here is link to the ark forum –
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  • Tim Peterson · at

    Looks like this update deletes non-dedicated server progress?? My tribe has lost everything on each different ark!! We just hatched some Spino eggs in Abberation so extremely disappointed. I hope they can revert our progress.

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