Battlefield 2042 Update 1.15 August 2, 2022 Released – Patch Notes, Quality Improvements Made

By | October 2, 2023

Battlefield 2042 Update 1.15 is released, and due to this, all the players in this game are excited about this new update. They all have been wondering about the new changes and updates they will get to see in their game through this new update. That’s why we have brought this guide to you.

In this article, you will learn about the latest Battlefield 2042 Update 1.15, its detailed patch notes, the downloading file size for this new update, the steps required to update your game to this new version, and other information related to it. Let’s check out its patch notes without any delay.

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Battlefield 2042 Update 1.15

Battlefield 2042 Update 1.15

Battlefield 2042 is one of the most popular and exciting first-person shooter games that many gamers enjoy on various gaming platforms. This game is developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts. If you do not know, this game is the 12th installment in the Battlefield series, and thus, you can imagine its popularity among gamers. This game is available for Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Its developer regularly brings new updates to improve the gameplay and add new features. The latest Battlefield 2042 Update 1.15 is rolled out today with many changes, including quality improvements to the game. You can now install this patch on your device.

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Table of Contents

Downloading File Size

If we talk about the downloading file size of this new patch, it is unknown yet. We will update you with the exact file size soon. If you want, you can also check out its downloading size while updating your game to this new version.

Detailed Battlefield 2042 Update 1.15 Patch Notes

Now, it is time to go through the patch notes of this new Battlefield 2042 Update 1.15. Read it to know what are the improvements you will get to see in your game.

  • Kaleidoscope has been reworked to offer an improved gameplay flow through new cover assets, flag positions, terrain elevations and visual updates to several locations on the map
  • We are introducing the first Style and Tone change for our Specialists, which includes several updated character models
  • The power of the RAH-68 Huron and YG-99 Hannibal 30mm Cannon has been reduced by making it overheat at a much faster rate. This will help to limit their impact on infantry and bring it more inline with our balance
  • A Player Profile and Statistics page is now available in-game. It provides an overview of your performance and progression since launch
  • Aim Assist on Controllers has been adjusted to ensure it feels smoother and more consistent while tracking moving targets
  • The BSV-M Full Auto mode now receives an accuracy penalty, and High Power rounds now lose damage faster over distance

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You can visit the official site of EA to get the complete patch notes of this new update. It will help you in knowing about what are the major changes you will get to see in your game.

Source: EA

Wrapping Up

We are wrapping up this guide with the expectation that you have got all information related to the new Battlefield 2042 Update 1.15, the complete changelog for this new update, how can you update Battlefield 2042 to this new patch, and much more. (Valium) So, update your game to this new version now so that you can get to see all these changes. If you face any issues while updating your game to this new version, you can drop a comment below. We will get back to help you in the best possible way.

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