Best Assassin Build Ghost of Tsushima Legends

Best Assassin Build Ghost of Tsushima Legends is a guide that all Ghost of Tsushima players is looking for. This quick and simple guide will help you in getting quick Assassin kills in the game. This guide is all about how to get weapons and use techniques to get more quick kills in the game.

Best assassin build Ghost of Tsushima Legends

If you are looking for a guide on the Best Assassin Build Ghost of Tsushima Legends, then this guide will help you get quick and easy kills. Here we have discussed some of the best and efficient ways by which you can get easy kills in Ghost of Tsushima.

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Best Assassin Build Ghost of Tsushima Legends

After the latest update has come out for the game, the new multiplayer mode has arrived in the game. And players have to change their strategy, the strategy that they use in the normal mode in the game.

So first let’s talk about the strategy that you should use to get the best assassin to build Ghost of Tsushima Legends.

Best Assassin Build Ghost of Tsushima Legends: The Strategy

Like the Samurai Class, the Assassin class is not good for upfront encounters.

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The Assassin class is best for running up and giving big damage to the enemies.

First of all, look at the video and then read the guide to understand it in a better way.

In this guide, we will talk about the

  • Weapon
  • Ranged
  • Charm
  • Ghost Weapons
  • And Techniques

and we will discuss all of this one by one, so first let us see what are some weapons for the Best Assassin Build Ghost of Tsushima Legends.


The best weapon you can look for the Assassin is a Katana with the water stance and don’t worry if you find a weapon with multiple instances that will also work if the weapon is able to use the water. The triangle button flurry strike is also good for oni enemies out of the guard and giving big damage.

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The blowgun is one of the most important vital for the Assassin because it will help in applying the additional source of stagger. And the hallucination darts so they can turn enemies into the ally in the battles.


You have to choose a basic stealth charm that will help you in decreasing the cooldowns for the Assassination kills. This will help you in changing the multiple assassinations with a huge group of enemies.

Ghost Weapons

You can use any Ghost weapon like the Kunai, this will help you in hitting multiple enemies at a time. But as a secondary weapon, you have to choose a smoke bomb. This strategy will help you the most in the battles. The assassin will stay under the invisibility cloak and then vanish.


  • The Toxic Vanish- It will vanish the enemy in the poisonous cloud and makes big damage to enemies.
  • The Super Strike- It will help you deal double damage than a normal one, also allows you to perform a powerful stealth attack.
  • Chain Break- Killing enemies in one hit will help you to vanish the second time and will reset all cooldowns.

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Conclusion: Best Assassin Build Ghost of Tsushima Legends

First of all, read this guide carefully, take all the major steps, given in the guide. Follow all the techniques given here and the normal technique that you use in the normal mode will not work in the multiplayer mode so try to make a similar but different strategy.

Hopefully, you will like our approach on Best assassin build Ghost of Tsushima Legends.

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