Black Desert Online Update Today Patch Notes May 12, 2021

Black Desert Online Update Today is out with a lot of changes and fixes. We have the complete patch notes of this game that will help you to explore all the changes.

Black Desert Online Update

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Black Desert Online Update Patch Notes


● Fixed an issue where the Guild History did not update when your device was set to summertime.

● Fixed an issue where clans could not be elevated to a Guild if the clan was created in a different village or city.


● Emergency Escape can now be equipped with the Ring Menu.

● The tooltip that is displayed when hovering over a node in the ‘Node War Information’ tab of the world map has been modified from the version which appears in the ‘General Information’ tab.

● The descriptions of the Fairy Skill Change probability have been modified.

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● Added text to display that the 1st family name change is free for New Adventurers who haven’t yet changed their family name and are attempting to purchase a name change coupon from the Pearl Shop.

● Added text to mount skill change description in Stables explaining that Courser skills cannot be changed once a horse becomes a courser.

● The color of the mount icon will now change depending on if the character has an available Horse Flute.

● Fixed an issue wherein the Guild Window, the ‘Deposit’ button would show when selecting other Guild Members with Black Desert Online Update.

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Other Changes

● Changed the icon for Tungrad Necklace shown in the Yona’s Fragment entry in the Crafting Notes.

●Fixed an issue where the Sorceress’s Bern Armor would display abnormally in certain situations with Black Desert Online Update.

● Fixed an issue where occasionally the Shining Medal of Honor would not be distributed after Node Wars.

● Modified some areas of the World Map to look less awkward.

● Improved auto pathing through certain areas of the sea.

●Some phrases have been modified to make them easier to understand, and typos have been corrected.

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