Brawlhalla Update 10.71 Patch Notes

By | July 27, 2022

Brawlhalla Update 10.71 Patch Notes is out, and the players are excited to know the changes made with this game. In this article, you can explore the complete patch notes of the Brawlhalla game.

Brawlhalla Update 10.71 Patch Notes

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Brawlhalla Update 10.71 Patch Notes

Here are the complete patch notes of the Brawlhalla Update of this game:

New Legend – Ezio

  • Ezio – “The Master Assassin”
  • Stats: 5 Strength, 7 Dexterity, 4 Defense, 6 Speed
  • Weapons: Sword, Orb
  • “After a lifetime of thwarting evil, Ezio was quite surprised to discover that Valhalla was real. Ever one to trust his own judgment, he accepted the valkyrie’s offer and is glad he did.”

Ezio enters with 3 new Skins

  • Asgardian Ezio – “The reward for a life well lived.”
  • Armor of Brutus Ezio – “May you who finds my family’s armor receive strength in battle.”
  • Revelations Ezio – “I have seen enough for one life.”


Eivor Epic Crossover

  • Animated Weapon Skin: Gungnir’s Spear!
  • “My destiny is mine to weave.”
  • Players can choose which Eivor to represent them!

KO Effect


  • “Reload last save…?”

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Leap of Faith

  • “Center your mind, steady your hand, and take the plunge.”


Abstergo Industries

  • “We change the world. Every day, in a hundred different ways.”
  • An animated Avatar!

Assassin Crest

  • “We work in the dark, to serve the light. We are Assassins.”
  • An animated Avatar!


  • “Torno fra un attimo!”

River Raid

  • “Sharpen your blade, grab your axes, the raiding horn is sounding…”
  • An animated Avatar!

Flying Machine

  • “Da Vinci’s finest invention.”


  • Two new Maps, including a Free-for-All Map called Florence Terrace.
  • A brand new Game Mode: Bounty!
  • Daily login bonus of 250 Gold to celebrate this Epic Crossover event.
  • Four new Brawls of the Week that feature the Bounty game mode.
  • New splash art and UI theme, including original main menu, character select, and victory theme music.

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Game Mode

  • 4 Players
  • Score the most points to win!
  • New Bounty Game mode
  • KO-ing the Bounty scores more points and makes the player become the Bounty.
  • 3-minutes, FFA
  • KO first to become the Bounty.
  • The Bounty takes 2x damage.

Limited-time pack

  • Dark of Night Lucien
  • Mother of Pearl Blasters
  • Lucien Legend
  • Darkheart Shredders (Katars)
  • Golf Clap Emote

Bugs Fixes

  • User Interface
    • Fixed the Street Brawl game mode icon since it was not displaying correctly with Brawlhalla Update 10.71 Patch Notes.
  • Art & Animation
    • Minor art fix for the Enigma map background. The clock now tells the correct time, and Odin cleaned up a stray smudge with Brawlhalla Update 10.71 Patch Notes..
    • The developer has fixed a visual bug where Rayman’s Neutral and Side Gauntlets were not displaying correctly when equipping the Golden Force Gauntlets.

Legend Rotation

  • Lord Vraxx – This feared warlord dominates his opponents with Rocket Lance and Blasters!
  • Mordex – Wielding Gauntlets and Scythe, this lycanthrope steps into battle with Brawlhalla Update 10.71 Patch Notes..
  • Arcadia – The humble beetle farmer turned Glorious Queen of the Faefolk. Arcadia, the great champion of the Fangwild, fights in the Grand Tournament with Orma – the singing Greatsword, her Eldritch Thorn Spear, and trusty beetle companion Domo.
  • Jiro – Trained as a child by a powerful and secret shinobi family, Jiro comes into the arena with not only Scythe and Sword but shadow clones as well!
  • Xull – With legendary physical strength, this Axe and Cannon wielding Orc Warlord are ready to challenge everyone and everything in Valhalla!
  • Lin Fei – A defender of the innocent and teacher of the lost ways. She is a great teacher who has developed her own fighting style, the ‘Way of the Iron Dragon,’ which utilizes her Cannon, Katars, and an ancestral dragon spirit with Brawlhalla Update 10.71 Patch Notes..
  • Cassidy – The Marshal of the Old West is ready to instill justice into Valhalla with both Hammer and Blasters!
  • Dusk – Wielding his Spear and a powerful Orb, carved from stone and magic, Dusk seeks to spread chaos throughout Valhalla.
  • Yumiko – Holding the appearance of a blind seamstress, this centuries-old fox spirit has been brought into battle wielding her Magical Hammer and Bow!

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It was the complete guide on Brawlhalla Update 10.71 Patch Notes. Now, we would like to conclude this article with the hope that you have got the complete information regarding the update of the Brawlhalla game. We would be happy to solve your queries regarding Brawlhalla Update 10.71 Patch Notes..

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