Brewing Stand Minecraft Recipe – Best way to make it in 2020

By | August 12, 2020

We have brought the best Brewing Stand Minecraft Recipe for you. As we all know that Brewing Stand is needed for making any Potion in Minecraft. Without Brewing Stand, you cannot make any Potion in the game.

You can easily make it by following this Brewing Stand Minecraft Recipe. Just follow all steps carefully and you will craft it for making different types of potion in the Brewing Stand. Let’s explore this guide without any delay.

brewing stand minecraft recipe

Brewing Stand Minecraft Recipe

As we all know the importance of Brewing Stand in Minecraft for making any potion. But for using it in making potions, it is necessary to have Brewing Potion in the game. You will be able to easily make this amazing item in the game using this Brewing Stand Minecraft Recipe.

You will have to follow all steps of this tutorial for making this Brewing Stand in the game easily. Let’s see all the steps one by one.

Step 1: Gathering all required items

For making it using this Brewing Stand Minecraft Recipe, you will need these following items in the game. Make sure that you have all of them.

  • Three Cobblestones (Can be obtained by mining stones with Pickaxe without silk touch enchantment)
  • One Blaze Rod (Can be obtained by slaying down blazes in Nether fortress)

Only two items are needed for making this Brewing Stand.

Step 2: Opening the Crafting Menu

You will have to open the crafting menu to get a 3*3 Crafting grid in the game.

Step 3: Adding Blaze Rod in the Crafting Grid

When you have opened your Crafting Grid in the game, you will have to place the items in the grid to successfully make the Brewing Stand.

So, the first item that you will have to add in the crafting grid is Blaze Rod. You will have to place it in the second box of the first row in the crafting grid.

Step 4: Adding Cobblestones in the Crafting Grid

The next item that you will have to add in the crafting grid is Cobblestone. In the second row of the crafting grid, you have to place all three Cobblestones. Once you have placed all three Cobblestones in all three boxes of the second row, adding items will be completed.

Keep it in mind that you will have to place all items in the crafting grid in the proper sequence. If you will not place these items in the proper sequence, your Brewing Stand will not be crafted properly.

Once you have placed all items in the crafting grid in the correct sequence, Brewing Stand will appear on the right side of the crafting table.

Step 5: Adding this item in Inventory

The last step for completing the recipe of Brewing Stand, you will have to move this newly crafted item in the Inventory. Once you have successfully moved this item in the Inventory, the process is completed.

With this help of this guide, you can easily craft this item in the Survival mode of the game. If you want to use this Brewing Stand in crafting mode, you will have to find it in the given locations. You can find it in Brewing, Decorations, Items, or in the Creative menu location in the Crafting mode of the game. The location will depend on the edition as well as the version of your game.

Conclusion: Brewing Stand Minecraft Recipe

In conclusion, we hope that you have successfully made the brewing stand in the game with the help of this Brewing Stand Minecraft Recipe. If you are facing any difficulties or have questions related to this guide, you can ask us in the comment section of this article. We are here to help you in solving all your queries and questions.

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