Common Painting Animal Crossing – Complete Guide 2020

Common Painting Animal Crossing is a masterpiece painting in the game. This amazing painting is available in all the games of this famous Animal Crossing. It is also seen in the latest Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Here, you will get complete information about Common Painting Animal Crossing. After reading it, you will get all information about this painting in the game such as its buying and selling price, donating it to the museum, and much more. Let’s explore them without any delay.

common painting animal crossing

Common Painting Animal Crossing

The amazing Common Painting Animal Crossing is available in all games of this series. You can get it in the game easily. This painting is based on a real-world painting named “The Gleaners” that is made by Jean-François Millet. You can also donate this painting to the Museum in the New Horizons.

Here, we have given the details of the pricing of this painting in all games of Animal crossing below. You can check out them.

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Pricing of Common Painting

In Animal Crossing, you will have to spend 3920 Bells for buying it. If you will sell it, you will only get 490 Bells as its selling price is lower than the buying price.

When we talk about the pricing of this painting in Wild World, it will cost you 3920 Bells for purchasing it. But, you will have to sell it in 490 Bells only. If you have brought the fake painting, then you can sell it for 10 Bells.

In City Folk, this buying price of this painting is 3960. It is also the same as any other edition of this game. Similarly, you will get 490 Bells for selling it and 10 Bells in the case of fake painting.

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When it comes to the pricing of this Painting in New leaf, you will have to spend 3920 to purchase it and it can be sold for 490 Bells.

Identifying Real and Fake Paintings

Common Painting Animal Crossing may be fake or real in the game. In New Leaf and New Horizons, you will not find any fake paintings. All the paintings are genuine. When it comes to the previous edition of this game, the painting may be either real or fake. It is completely random as there are not any visual differences between the real and fake paintings.

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Where to buy it?

We have discussed the price of Common Painting Animal Crossing for all the editions of this game.

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But, it is also necessary to know the location where you will have to buy it in your game. We have provided the locations for you.

In Animal Crossing and Wild World, you can get this painting from Crazy Redd.

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While it can easily be purchased from Tom Nook in City Folk. This painting can be obtained from Jolly Redd’s Treasure Trawler in New Horizons.

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Donating the Painting to the Museum

In New Horizons, you can donate this painting. Upon donation, you will see the following description in the museum label.

The Gleaners
Jean-François Millet, 1857
Oil on canvas

The signature piece from Millet, who was known for depicting the lives of commoners in the 19th century. Notice the abundant crops visible in the background relative to the meager wheat remaining for the workers. This art served as social commentary in a time of great inequality.

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Conclusion: Common Painting Animal Crossing

In conclusion, we hope that you have got the complete details of Common Painting Animal Crossing. You can now easily identify between the genuine and the fake image. If you want to know about other details of this painting, feel free to ask us in the comment section We would love to help you in knowing about it.

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