DBFZ Patch Notes March 2021 | Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta added to the Roster

The DBFZ Patch Notes March 2021 has been released today and this will add Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta to the game. According to the patch notes, most of the characters have received some changes in this update. Below, we have provided all the info regarding the DBFZ Patch Notes March 2021, have a look.

DBFZ Patch Notes March 2021

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Bandai Namco has released the DBFZ Patch Notes March 2021 and according to the patch notes, this update will add a lot of new features, and changes to the game. This is quite interesting to see a lot of changes have been done in the game. Players are excited to play after downloading the latest update, as the characters have got some new powers and some powers have been drawn by nerfing the update.

Below, we have given all the information related to this update and the DBFZ Patch Notes March 2021, have a look.

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Table of Contents

DBFZ Patch Notes March 2021 | Changes in all Characters

Bandai Namco Entertainment is pushing updates to all the games and the DBFZ is one of those updated games. The official Patch Notes has been released by Bandai Namco and it includes a lot of interesting changes. There are a lot of changes which has been done in the game here and there, so you will have to read all the patch notes, to understand all the changes in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

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Here are the official DBFZ Patch Notes March 2021:

Dragon Ball FighterZ System Changes

  • Z Assists:
    • An issue related to the pre-attack effect for some of the Z assists has been fixed and also it has not been fixed completely so it would remain there in some conditions.
    • Affected Z Assists are as follows:
      • Super Saiyan Goku Z Assist A
      • Yamcha Z Assist B
      • Tien Z Assist A
      • Cell Z Assist A
      • Goku Black Z Assist A
      • Base Form Goku Z Assist C
  • Ultra Instinct Goku:
    • Recovery in the crouching heavy attack has been increased.
    • Landing and start-up recovery have been increased for the Unrestrained Will.
    • The Grounded version of the embedded light, Horizontal range has been reduced.
    • The Damage scaling has been increased for GOdly Strike and the damage when there is no camera effect has been reduced.
    • Landing recovery for accelerating Battle Spirit has been increased.
    • Z Assist A:
      • Invincibility for the Z Assist A and Rising Heat are now only invincible to jumping attacks.
      • Rising Heat Properties have been adjusted as these are no longer available for an invincible move.
  • Kid Buu
    • Minimum damage has been reduced for all super attacks and meteor attacks.
  • GT Goku
    • When it comes to Goku attack then when blocked the Adjust Z Assist A and grounded Kamehameha.
    • The start-up of Z Assist A has been increased.
  • Android 21
    • For other characters, the damage scaling has been adjusted on Z Assist C to match.
  • Beerus
    • Some quality life changes have been done, and an issue while crouching unique attack behaving differently has been fixed.
    • Z Assists are now back with time freeze when the God of Destruction’s Judgement hits.
  • Super Baby 2
    • The movements of the medium have been adjusted for Parasite Takeover to better differentiate it from the light version.
    • Now, the Interceptor kick has been affected by the decrease in the untechable time for getting used in combos.

So this was all about the DBFZ Patch Notes March 2021.

Conclusion: DBFZ Patch Notes March 2021

In conclusion, we can conclude that this update will make a major effect on the game. And you should read all the Patch Notes carefully, as there are a lot of big changes.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach on DBFZ Patch Notes March 2021 | Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta added to the Roster.

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