Dead Cells Update 1.39 Patch Notes, Download Size

Dead Cells Update 1.39 Patch Notes is out, and the fans are excited to know the changes made with this game. In this article, you can explore the complete patch notes of the Dead Cells’ new update.

Dead Cells Update 1.39 Patch Notes

Dead Cells Update 1.39 is available to download; you can download this update and enjoy playing the latest version of this game. The download size of the Dead Cells update depends on the device.

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Dead Cells Update 1.39 Patch Notes

Here, you can explore the complete patch note of the Dead Cells update that will help you to explore more about this game:

TLDR of the Update

  • panchaku and new ‘flame head’ Bobby outfit
  • rebalancing on weapons & items
  • pet your pets
  • rework of legendaries system
  • Soul Knight weapon and outfit


  • Shrapnel Axes: slight damage buff
  • Hard Light Sword and Pistol: slight damage buff to the sword and attack speed buff to the pistol
  • Killing Deck: damage buff on the first 2 attacks
  • Abyssal Trident: slight damage buff
  • Greed Shield: can now trigger once per enemy every 10 seconds + damage buff
  • Frantic Sword: crit multiplier is now inversely proportional to your life (when at or under 50% max life)
  • Leghugger: now jumps on a nearby target before launching its reactivation attack + keeps its growth state across instances of the object in a run
  • Hand Hook: now also crits when the thrown enemy hits another entity + removes the first hit + greatly reduces the lock of the last attack.
  • Hokuto’s Bow: damage bonus buffed with Dead Cells Update 1.39 Patch Notes.
  • Pollo Power: now fires 1 more egg + damage buff
  • Wrecking Ball: first and last attacks are faster + greatly reduced lock on Wrecking Ball’s third and fourth attacks
  • Spiked Shield: crit damage buff
  • Lightning Bolt: now crits one tick earlier and damages you 1 tick later
  • Crowbar: now also crits on beast enemies (hand-picked, think “non-humanoid, non-mechanic”)
  • Queen’s Rapier: the delayed slice hits sooner
  • Maw of the Deep: attack speed buff

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  • Maw of the Deep: its root is now less effective on bosses
  • Smoke Bomb: scaling heavily nerfed with Dead Cells Update 1.39 Patch Notes.
  • Crusher: its slow and is now less effective on bosses
  • Hunter’s Grenade: no longer provides stats
  • Lacerating Aura: cooldown now starts at the end of the effect instead of starting at the cast
  • Grappling Hook: same as Smoke Bomb
  • Boy’s Axe: damage nerf + can’t roll the Extra Ammo affix + can’t be affected by Ammo mutation
  • Bladed Tonfas: slight crit multiplier nerf

Melee Weapons

  • Twin Daggers: Run Speed on Crit
  • War Spear: Run Speed on Crit
  • Swift Sword: Run Speed on Kill
  • Cursed Sword: True Evil
  • Shrapnel Axes: Fire Bullet
  • Impaler: Super Back Damage
  • Giant Killer: God Slayer
  • Seismic Strike: Death Root
  • Broadsword: Global Shield on Kill
  • Shovel: Better Secrets
  • Sadist’s Stiletto: Super Back Damage

Ranged Weapons

  • Infantry Bow: Bleed on Hit
  • Hemorrhage: Bleed Propagation
  • Heavy Crossbow: Super Pierce
  • Repeater Crossbow: Super Pierce
  • Ice Crossbow: Strong Ice
  • Repeater Crossbow (Quiver of Bolts): Pierce
  • Ice Crossbow (Piercing Shot): Death Freeze
  • Heavy Crossbow (Reload): Global Shield on Use
  • Quick Bow: Mega Crit
  • Explosive Crossbow: Super Pierce with Dead Cells Update 1.39 Patch Notes.
  • Alchemic Carbine: Double Stack
  • Boomerang: Extra Ammo Few
  • Ice Bow: Strong Ice

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It was the complete guide on Dead Cells Update 1.39 Patch Notes. Now, we would like to conclude this article with the hope that you have got complete information regarding the update of the Dead Cells series. If you have any queries regarding the release of the Dead Cells update, then you can ask us in the comment section. We would be happy to solve your queries regarding Dead Cells Update 1.39 Patch Notes.

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