Depth Strider Minecraft Enchantment – Complete Guide

By | May 13, 2020

Enchantment is one of the most popular things to do in Minecraft. By enchanting items like tools, weapons, or armor we can increase its capability and power. In today’s article, we are discussing Depth Strider Minecraft Enchantment. In this guide, you will get all information about what is depth strider enchantment, how to activate it, and what it actually does?

Depth Strider Minecraft Enchantment

Depth Strider Minecraft Enchantment

Depth Strider Minecraft Enchantment

Depth Strider Enchantment is one of the most popular and useful enchantments in Minecraft. Therefore most of the players want to use it. Now if you also want to use this Depth Strider Minecraft Enchantment then follow this guide.

As you may know, for adding any enchantment to an item or tools in Minecraft, you can do this by three methods – by using an enchanting table, through anvil or using the game command.

First, we will see what is Depth Strider Enchantment, and what does it do?

Depth Strider enchantment adds the speed to your underwater movement. That means using this enchantment you can move fast underwater. Any enchantment needs to be applied to items or tools or armor. So, in order to gain high speed inside water, Depth Strider Minecraft Enchantment is added to Boots. This enchantment can be applied to any type of boots such as golden boots, iron boots or diamond boots.

Once you added enchantment to the boot, you need to wear those enchanted boots to get speed improvement in underwater movement.

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Use of Depth Strider Enchantment in Minecraft

Once you wear those depth strider enchanted boots, you will get the power of moving fast inside water in Minecraft. As you know the power of every enchantment increases as the enchantment level increases. Also for some enchantment powers will not further increase after the specific enchantment level.

In the Depth Strider Minecraft Enchantment, each level reduces the resistance of water by its 1/3rd of resistance. The maximum enchantment level for Depth strider is 3. So if depth strider enchantment of level 3 is added to boots then player can swim as in water as fast as he walks on land. Applying this depth strider Minecraft enchantment of more than level 3 will not increase speed further.

Note: the power of Depth strider enchantment can not bee combined with frost walker enchantment.

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How to get Depth Strider Minecraft Enchantment

The Depth strider enchantment is available for all versions of Minecraft on various platforms like, Pocket Edtion, Windows 10, Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch etc. There are three ways for enchanting boots with depth strider, using Enchanting Table, Anvil or Game Command. Here is a step by step guide to get Depth Strider Minecraft Enchantment Using Enchanting.

  1. Open the Enchanting Table. We are going to enchant boots with depth strider enchantment. So make sure that you have boots in your hot bar. To make maximum enchantment available, you can place 15 bookshelves surrounding the Enchanting table.

    enchantment table surrounded by bookshelves

    enchantment table surrounded by bookshelves

  2. Once you open the enchanting table you will see two empty boxes.

    enchantment table open

    enchantment table open

  3. The first box is to place item which we want to enchant. So in the first box, we will put boots that we want to enchant with depth strider.
  4. In the second box, we will place 3 lapis lazuli, which is essential to enchant any item.
  5. As soon as we put the boots and lapis lazuli in boxes, 3 enchantment options in 3 enchantment slots.

    enchant boots with depth strider

    enchant boots with depth strider

  6. You can choose any one enchantment from that 3 enchantment option, but you must have experience level for that specific enchantment.
  7. Once you select enchantment, that level of Depth Strider Minecraft Enchantment will be added to your boots.
  8. Now you have depth strider enchanted boots in your inventory. To use the power of depth strider you have to wear those enchanted boots.
  9. To wear enchanting boots, move your boots from inventory to the character’s box of boots.

    Depth strider boots in character box

    Depth strider boots in character box

  10. After wearing this depth strider enchanted boots, now you have the power to move fast underwater.

So this is the all information about Depth Strider in Minecraft.

Check this youtube video as well:

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