Destiny 2 New Years Event | Holiday Events in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 new years event is what all destiny 2 fans are looking for, and the festive season is here. With the arrival of the festive season, The Dawning event has arrived in Destiny 2, and events such as Hannukkah and other events are on the way, we have all the details and exclusive news about all the upcoming Destiny 2 new years event, have a look.

Destiny 2 New Years Event

Every year in the Christmas season, Bungie announces the Dawning event and this time also they have done the same, but what is different is that there are more events this time unlike every year, where only events were organized during the festive or holiday season. This holiday season is different for Destiny 2 players as there are a lot of events that will be coming in Destiny 2 this season.

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So what are those events? Let us tell you about the events, so the first one which arrives every year during the Holiday season is The Dawning, and as expected the event is already here up and running, so the next event that players will enjoy in this holiday season is the Tower Decoration, we will discuss details in the latter part of the article, and last but not the least is Holiday Weaponry.

So have a look at all the Destiny 2 New Years Event.

All About Destiny 2 New Years Event

The Holiday season is here and fans are waiting for the upcoming events in Destiny 2. But what are those events? Do you know about the destiny 2 upcoming events? If not, then you have landed at the right place. So we have already about 2 upcoming events in Destiny 2 but can you guess the 3rd upcoming event in Destiny 2, if not then here we have all exclusive news for you.

So we have already told you about the Destiny 2 New years event, one of the events is Tower Decorations and the other one is Holiday Weaponry but let us tell you that there is one more upcoming event which is known as “Travelling in Customized Style”. Let’s now discuss the Destiny 2 new years event.

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Destiny 2 Upcoming Event: Tower Decoration

So the tower decoration is one of the upcoming Destiny 2 event and in this event, you can fly your jump ship under the tower to have quick look. You have to fly in and around the tower to get some special rewards. And as a reward, you will have new musical scores to enjoy the toast marshmallows with the Zavala and Shaxx.

We will discuss more for the upcoming event in the next section.

Destiny 2 New Years Event

As we have already told you about the Tower Decorations event and you might not like it as there is nothing special and fancy, but you will like the next event which we are going to tell you about, have a look on the Holiday Weaponry event.

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Holiday Weaponry

In the Holiday Weaponry event, there is a new weapon going to add in the Arsenal of the players. The name of the new rifle is Glacioclasm, there is no more news and details about the Glacioclasm but we will update here soon.

Traveling in Customized Style

There is a new ship going to arrive with this event, this ship is the fanciest and looks dope in the images. Bungie said that they wanted to add this ship in the game way before, but unfortunately couldn’t at that time but now it is coming with the “Traveling In Customized Style” event.

So this was all about Destiny 2 New Years Event.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach on Destiny 2 New Years Event.

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