Destiny 2 Update Today, Server Down on March 02

The next Destiny 2 update has been announced by Bungie. This will be a major update but before there will a server downtime on March 02. As of now, the official Patch Notes for Destiny 2 Update has not been released but as soon as it comes out, we will update them here.

Destiny 2 Update

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Destiny 2 is going to get a big update soon. Bungie has announced server downtime and the official Patch Notes is not yet out. When it comes to downloading size, then again there is no info about that as well. Below, you can find the Destiny 2 Update Server Downtime and maintenance time, have a look.

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Destiny 2 Update Server Downtime and Maintenance Time on March 02

There has been no info about the update except the downtime and server maintenance. When it comes to the additional content and features then there will be a lot that will be getting added with this update. There will be a lot of new content and features but we are still waiting for the official Patch Notes and we can only tell you about this when the official Destiny 2 Update 3.1.02 Patch Notes comes out.

Below, have a look at the server maintenance and downtime announced by Bungie:

8:00 AM PST / 1600 UTC

  • The official update for Destiny 2 will go under maintenance for the update Patch.
  • You won’t be able to sign-in to the website or mobile and all third-party apps will be disabled and sign-in will not be allowed.

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8:45 AM PST / 1645 UTC

  • At this time, Destiny 2 will be taken offline for some maintenance.
  • You won’t be able to login to Destiny 2 until 11 AM PST. And you will be removed from all activities.
  • At around 11 AM PST, the Destiny 2 Update 3.1.02 will begin rolling out for all platforms and regions.
  • The ongoing Destiny 2 update will conclude at around 10 PM PST.

9:00 AM PST / 1700 UTC

  • At this time, the Destiny 2 Update will be available to download on all platforms and regions.
  • You can now login to your Destiny 2 account.
  • At this time, if you are trying to login into the game you may be placed in a queue and also there might be some sign-in issues at that time because the background maintenance is still going on.

10:00 PM PST / 1800 UTC

  • At this time, the Destiny 2 maintenance will be concluded.
  • If you are a console player, then you might experience some issues during this time, so we would suggest you to once restart your console Xbox One or PS4 doesn’t really matter. And if you are having no issues then well and good.

So this was all about the Destiny 2 Update Server downtime and server maintenance.

Destiny 2 Update Patch Notes and Downtime: Conclusion

When it comes to conclusion then we can conclude that the official Destiny 2 Update Patch notes are not yet released by Bungie and will come out very soon maybe tomorrow or today, we really don’t know about that. After that, while the update begins rolling out to all users then we would suggest you wait until every background maintenance gets completed, because if you start login into your Destiny 2 account when the update is being rolled out, then you may encounter some errors and issues.

If you are a console player then restart your console before updating the game.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach on Destiny 2 Update Today, Server Down on March 01.

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