Diamonds in Minecraft Earth – Steps to Find and Use It

By | May 8, 2020

How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth is all about exploring the game and exploring your skills but also it is the best interactive game around you to hang around. This game offers a number of things that are unique in this game itself. There a number of things users around the world are trying to find in the game. There are resources like coal, wood, iron, copper and of course Diamonds in Minecraft Earth is the most precious item. Diamonds are considered to be Legendary in Minecraft Earth.

There are a number of precious resources. Such as Gold, Diamonds, red stones. But the most precious of all are Diamonds.  We can craft a number of tools from them. The tools mostly used in the game are axes, pickaxes, swords and spades. The Diamonds in Minecraft Earth can create gear of high strength and last for a longer period of time. The Durability of these crafted items is the most in the game.

How to get Diamonds in Minecraft Earth

How to get Diamonds in Minecraft Earth

Steps to Find Diamonds in Minecraft Earth

There are a number of sources to get diamonds in Minecraft Earth –

  1. One can obtain diamonds under Tappables. But the average count of getting them is 1:100. It also means there 99.9 % no chance of getting diamonds in Minecraft Earth Tappables.
  2. The next option to get Diamond is by playing Adventures. The chance of mining diamonds here depends on the type of tier adventures you are playing. There are basically three types of Difficulty levels that decide your chances of mining diamonds.

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This means the more the difficulty the more chances of getting diamonds. The best thing about the adventures is that you can play as many times as you want. If you are lucky you are likely to get more than one diamonds in Minecraft Earth at a single adventure.

The only danger playing adventures for obtaining Diamonds is if you die you will lose everything you have collected and also what you have brought in while playing adventures.

Tools to  Mine Diamonds in the Minecraft Earth

The best tools one must carry to mine diamonds are iron pickaxe, some iron ingots, and some wooden sticks. One must also carry some swords, bows & arrows to help you keep safe from dangers which may arise while mining Diamonds. The other part that many players have experienced while one finds diamonds in Minecraft earth is that diamonds are heavily guarded by more dangerous mobs than the others.

Which places in the adventure mode can have diamonds

While playing the adventures as mentioned above you have to carry a huge variety of artillery. The biggest reason for this is the location of the resource is mostly deep down that is underground. Thus you need to carry bows and arrows if you’re likely to be attacked by skeletons. And a fine Iron pickaxe to break down Diamonds from blocks.

Use of Diamonds in Minecraft Earth

The most absolute and common use of diamonds is to create indestructible and Durable tools which can be used for more time period. IF you know the right quantity you can create a number of tools.  There

  1. Diamond Axe – Nine Diamonds.
  2. Diamond Pickaxe – Three diamonds and two sticks.
  3. Diamond Sword – Two Diamonds and one Stick.

There is another use of Diamonds in Minecraft Earth that most of the players don’t know and it is that this is the only resource who can craft tools to mine OBSIDIAN. This is the oldest and the rarest resource which can craft tools and weapons supposed to possess more strength than the tools created by using Diamonds. Obsidian can be also crafted using one bucket of lava and water.

Thus I would like to conclude this Topic of How to find diamonds in Minecraft Earth. If you follow the above methods you have the chance of obtaining more diamonds in Minecraft Earth.

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