Dig Up Gnomes Fortnite | How to find Gnomes Location?

How to dig up Gnomes Fortnite? Fortnite has brought up a new weekly challenge this where in which you have to dig up gnomes for the XPs. You will be rewarded with some XP if you complete this weekly challenge, but to dig up the gnomes you should know about their locations, so here we have a complete guide on How to dig up Gnomes Fortnite or How to find gnomes location?

Dig Up Gnomes Fortnite

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Weekly challenges are going on in Fortnite and this week’s challenge is finding and dig up gnomes Fortnite. The challenge is very easy and simple to understand, in this challenge you just have to find the location of the gnome, and then you have to dig them up and do the rest.

But if you don’t know the location of Gnomes in Fortnite, then this is the guide for you. In this guide, we have covered all topics such as How to find Gnomes location and then How to dig up gnomes Fortnite. If you face any issues then please let us know in the comments. So without wasting any more time let jump into the guide.

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How to find Gnomes Location: Dig Up Gnomes Fortnite

To complete this week’s challenge in Fortnite you have to find and dig up at least 4 gnomes. There are different locations in Fortnite where you can find these gnomes. The 2 locations are Pleasant Park and Fort Crumpet. Finding the gnomes will easy for anyone who is a beginner or a Pro in Pleasant Park. In Pleasant Park, there are very high chances that you will find all 4 gnomes that you are looking for.

Although we are not 100% sure that you will get all the Gnomes in one place, you have to keep looking at different places until you find 4 gnomes. But if you look for Gnomes in Fort Crumpet then it’s not that easy to find the Gnomes. But the situation can be the opposite for you no one knows, however how much we have seen is mostly players are able to find Gnomes in Pleasant Park and it is tough to find the same in Fort Crumpet.

Here we are sharing a video that was posted on YouTube and this video will help you understand the situation better, have a look.

The Gnomes appear to be blue glowing mounds that are placed on the ground. You have to use your harvesting tool to dig into the ground and get the blue glowing mound, Gnome. When you use the harvesting tool to dig into the ground then the gnome will pop up.

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Now let us see the exact locations where we can find and dig up Gnomes Fortnite.

Dig Up Gnomes Fortnite

To go to fort crumpet you have to head over to the northwest of the Sweaty Sands and you can find the gnomes on the ground floor of the fort.

After you have found Gnomes in Fort Crumpet you have to go to Pleasant Park and you can very easily find the gnomes in the center of the park. You can find more in the yard of the house and to go to this house you have to head over in the west from where you got the first Gnome in the park.

If you are lucky you will be able to find all the Gnomes very easily.

So this was all about Dig Up Gnomes Fortnite.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach on Dig Up Gnomes Fortnite | How to find Gnomes Location.

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