Dirt 5 Update 4.03 Patch Notes Today May 11, 2021

Dirt 5 Update 4.03 Patch Notes is out with a lot of changes and fixes. We have the complete information regarding this update that will help you to explore more about this game.

Dirt 5 Update 4.03 Patch Notes

Technical Changes

  • Fixed crash occurrence when backing out of Photo Mode shortly after changing weather conditions
  • Further checks and balances for currency payouts across multiple game modes
  • PC: Fixed instances of driver animations not appearing in cockpit cam with Dirt 5 Update 4.03 Patch Notes.
  • PC: Fixed instances of raytraced shadows appearing incorrectly
  • PS5: Fixed crash occurrence in Playgrounds when a player deletes their only published Playground
  • PS5: Fixed softlock occurrences when selecting ‘Show More’ in Playgrounds Discover mode

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  • Various visual and technical tweaks and updates across the board to improve game performance and quality of life
  • PC: Further fixes for instances of crashes, particularly when using an Nvidia 3090 graphics card with Dirt 5 Update 4.03 Patch Notes.
  • PC: Fanatec Clubsport v2.5 no longer defaults to a pedal preset and saves user-selected data
  • PC: User-selected wheel rim presets are now stored in save data, meaning players no longer have to reselect a preset every time they boot the game
  • The ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ controls on a d-pad are no longer locked to changing camera view and can be bound to different actions by the player
  • Xbox One: Fixed crash occurrence when signing out of a player profile whilst in Playgrounds
  • Chinese and Korean Localisation added

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  • Further fixes for crashes on Xbox One/Xbox One S, particularly on Ice Breaker events
  • Fixed crash occurrences when scrolling through rewards for specific sponsors
  • Fixed instances of crashes when attempting to select ‘Wireless Controller’ from the Input Settings

Contents and Features

  • Official Red Bull liveries – eight liveries for multiple cars
  • Ghost lap time options added to Time Trial and Gate Crasher events
    Stats stickers – new Driver Card stickers available for reaching progression milestones
  • Red Bull arch added to Playgrounds Create mode

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  • Wet and stormy weather conditions added for all Playgrounds locations
  • Cross-platform matchmaking – available in Online Public lobbies for races and party events

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