How to complete Divinity Puzzles Destiny 2?

How to Complete the Divinity Puzzles Destiny 2? If you are willing to obtain an exotic weapon in Destiny 2 then you have to complete some tasks or challenges which you will get by the new Raid. Divinity puzzles are one of those challenges in Destiny 2 which you can complete to get exotic weapons, so here we have a full guide on How to complete Divinity Puzzles Destiny 2, have a look.

Divinity Puzzles Destiny 2

Many players and fans reported to Bungie that get those Exotic weapons back in the game, Bungie heard the fans and they have finally decided to get those exotic weapons back by giving some activities and challenges. Divinity Puzzles is one of those and here we will be guiding you on How to complete the Divinity Puzzles Destiny 2.

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How to complete Divinity Puzzles Destiny 2?

There are some parts which you have to complete in this quest which we have broken down and we guide you through each of those, have a look.

The First one is the Lunar Battleground. To get the first part you have to go to the lunar battleground of the Moon. (Valium) Land at the Sorrow’s Harbor and go to South. Now go to the left down to a huge tunnel. You will see Vex Gate now you will see The Black Garden, kill 3 waves at Vex emerging from the gate and you get “What’s this…What’s this?” as a reward.

This was just the basic which you were required to know on the Nessus planet. After that, you have to go to the Orrery which you will find in the northeast of the Artifacts Edge. After that, you have to take the stairs which will take you to the boss, just jump at the cavern midway upstairs on the left. You will see some foes and an Oracle which you have to deal with.

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Also, you should be aware of the Ancient Haunt, northwest of the Tangle. You will get the cave in half of the lost sector. The place where you find the final node to visit is the conflux’s lost sector, northwest of the Cistern. You have to get access to the high ground in the large room so jump on the main middle pillar and try to jump on the right to the small room which has been cut into the rock. Under the final node and interact with that leads you to the “Defragmentation” quest.

Read the next section to continue or watch this video to know more about the Divinity Puzzles Destiny 2.

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Divinity Puzzles Destiny 2

120 Decryption Core fragments are required for the divinity quest step. There are 2 ways to get this, first is by destroying the Vex on the Moon or by playing with the new Vex mode. And after that, you are required to have 30 Phantasmal Fragments at Eris Morn’s Lectern. You can pick the Phantasmal Fragments from the Nightmare enemies or by buying from Eris for Helium Filaments.

After you have got this, it’s time for the raid. You have to tick 7 puzzles off which will require patience and teamwork to solve, then you have to tick on the clam mates you trust the most to complete it easily.

After the puzzles are done, you have to finish the raid, you will get the reward after you have dropped down the past final boss area and then you have to make a beeline to the reward room. Now you have successfully completed all the puzzles and all tasks correctly and you will get the trace rifle.

So this was all about How to complete Divinity Puzzles Destiny 2.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach on How to complete Divinity Puzzles Destiny 2.

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