Donkey Kong Country Nintendo Switch Release Date November 2020

Donkey Kong Country Nintendo Switch Online release date is November 15, 2020. It is great news for every Dony Kong fans. You can now enjoy this amazing game on Nintendo Switch.

In this article, we will see every information about this amazing game and its release on Nintendo Switch. Let’s begin exploring every data about this release without any delay.

donkey kong country nintendo switch

Donkey Kong Country Nintendo Switch

Nintendo is bringing Donkey Kong in their retro games section on November 15, 2020. You can get access to retro games with Nintendo Switch Online subscription. If you are having the subscription, you will get the game in the library soon. If you do not have the subscription, go now and get the subscription to Switch Online.

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Using this subscription, you can enjoy this classic game on your Nintendo Switch. Bringing this game on Switch Online is going to refresh the memories of players of Donkey Kong. It is the perfect timing to enjoy this retro game on your Nintendo Switch using the Switch Online membership.

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This game has a separate fanbase from older times. After the release of this game in 1994, a lot of players have enjoyed this game. If you are from the ’90s, you will definitely want to refresh your memory. Refreshing your memory will not cost a fortune. You will have to spend a small amount to get the membership of Donkey Kong Country Nintendo Switch Online. This membership will allow you to play Donkey Kong Country Nintendo Switch as well as other retro games.

Pricing of Nintendo Switch Online

If we talk about the pricing of the membership of Nintendo Switch Online, you can opt for any plan of Nintendo.

In the case of Individual membership, you can choose from monthly, 3 months, and yearly plans. One month plan costs $3.99, three months plan costs .

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99, and the yearly plan costs $19.99.

For Family Membership, there is only one plan option. The yearly plan for family membership costs $34.99. This plan is for up to eight Nintendo Account holders.

We have seen about Donkey Kong Country Nintendo Switch and its pricing. Now, it is time to see a refreshing memory for this game.

Refreshing the memories of Donkey Kong Country

In this section, we will refresh our memory of this game. Donkey Kong Country was released in 1994. Rare was the developer of this amazing game. Nintendo was the publisher of this game. This game was exclusively for Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

If we talk about the story of this game, you will have to recover the stolen banana hoard of the Kong. Crocodilian Kremlings has stolen the banana hoard. In order to recover it, you will have to complete 40 levels.

The best thing about this game is that you can enjoy this game in both single-mode as well as in multiplayer. You will get two characters. You will have to select one of them to begin playing in the single-mode. These characters are Donkey Kong ( the gorilla) or Diddy Kong (his chimpanzee nephew).

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Since Donkey Kong is elder than Diddy Kong, he is stronger and can easily defeat his enemies.

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On the other hand, Diddy Kong is faster than Donkey Kong. You can choose any of them to play your game. But, keep it in your mind that it is necessary to keep interchanging these characters.

Conclusion: Donkey Kong Country Nintendo Switch

In conclusion, we hope that you have loved this article. Your memories must have been refreshed after reading this article. Now, you can play this amazing game again on Nintendo Switch using Nintendo Switch Online membership. So, go now and become a member of Nintendo Switch Online.

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