Dream SMP easy walkthrough- 2021

What is Dream SMP?

Dream SMP

Dream SMP is a whitelisted Minecraft multiplayer server that is owned by a Minecraft youtube Dream. Formerly there was a total of 8 players as a part of this series. It consisted of players like George, Sapnap, Callahan, Awesamdude, Alyssa, Ponk, and BadBoyHalo.

As time passed new players were whitelisted on the server.

Which includes, Antifrost, Karl Jacobs, LazarBeam, Eret, Nihachu, CaptainPuffy, ConnorEatsPants, pH1LzA, Punz, Purpled, Fundy, Ranboo, Skeppy, TommyInnit, Technoblade, Quackity, Tubbo, JackManifoldTV, Jschlatt, JustVurb, Vikkstar123, and Wilbur Soot!!!

Let’s have a look at some important incidents of Dream SMP.

Dream SMP



Disc Saga- The First War of Dream SMP

The first war was titled Disk Saga. This happened when Ponk decided to mess up with Sapnap by destroying his house and as revenge, Sapnap burned Ponk’s treehouse causing a huge war and dispute between them. Then Alyssa popped in between of war and joined Ponk’s alliance and Tommy joined Sapnap’s alliance.

During that time dream didn’t really wasn’t happy with the wars in server. So he went to Tommy’s house and stole his discs and which is why this war is known as the disc saga. And in return, Tommy gave his netherite chest plate to dream in the return of disk after negotiating with other players.


This started when Wilbur joined Dream SMP. He teamed up with Tommy to create a drug empire which would be named L’MANBERG in the future to mark Europeans as during that time server was dominated by Americans.

They told Dream about this plan and later Wilbur drafted a formal declaration of independence to make L’MANBERG an independent thing to split it from Dream’s land.

Dream actually disliked it and declared war and almost destroyed most of the L’MANBERG’s land. As they progressed towards victory Eret betrayed them and told them It was never meant to be.

Wilbur suggested Dream create a peace treaty between two empires but he didn’t really care and asked them to surrender. Wilbur hated this and he told L’MANBERG to fight back. And in the end, Dream lighted a single  TNT on L’MANBERG’s land but actually Eret had already placed dozens of TNT underground causing a chain reaction and huge destruction.

In the end, Tommy challenged Dream in a jewel in which if Tommy won L’MANBERG would be granted independence and if Dream won L’MANBERG would join Dream SMP land Tommy would give up is Mellor high Disc.

And of course, Tommy lost his jewel but chose to give up both of his discs in return for independence.

The Railway Skirmish- Dream SMP

This war started when Tommy was riding in his Minecraft and collides with dream killing him in the Dream SMP. As a result, Tommy got all of his items and planned to use it as an advantage to get back both of his discs from Dream.

Among all the items which Tommy had was also consisted of Dream’s overpowered sword which everybody thought despawned but Tommy actually hid it to use it as leverage in the future.

At his point, one disc was with Dream and another one was with Skeppy. So Tommy had to deal with both of them. But Skeppy denied and in the end Dream decided to fight Tommy and in the end, Tommy got one of his discs back and the war ended!!

Dream SMP

1st Pet War of Dream SMP

This war contained Sapnap going around L’MANBURG killing every pet. And the main Pet that was murdered was Niki and Fundy’s fox named “Fungi”. And he also took Niki’s tropical fish out of her home. Because of this Niki and Fundy joined together to grief Sapnap’s house.

During that, they found Sapnap’s fish and took it with them to use it as leverage in the future. After this Sapnap logs in and blows the fungi’s grave.  Because of this Fungi challenged Sapnap for a 1v1 to resolve everything. If Fundy won he keeps Sapnap’s fish and all the lost items and If Sapnap won he would get back his fish.

In the end, Sapnap won but he felt bad for Niki and gave her fish back.

Swag 2020 Vs POG2020- Aka 1st governmental affairs in Dream SMP

This event was to determine who would be the president of L’MANBURG. Wilbur and Tommy had the idea to create a party with the hopes of getting all the votes and be classed as president and vice president.

With the thinking that no one would take over and they would have to take down the government. They explained this plan to Quackity. But Quackity decided to go against them with a party named Swag 2020.

Now they announced all the parties and told everyone what they would do for the country. But Fundy and Niki decided to ruin it by creating another party named Coconut2020 to run against the others. During Pog2020’s endorsement campaign they announced they have Jschlatt on their side and finally joins Dream SMP after a long ban.

In the end, Jschatt creates his own party named Jschatt 2021 and creates a deal with Quackity where if both of them lose they would join their votes together in the hopes of winning in the Dream SMP. When votes came in Pog2020 was in the lead until Jschatt and Quackity joined together and end up winning.

After becoming president Jschatt banished Tommy and Wilbur from L’MANBURG. Later they created their own place “Pogtopia”.

The Battle Of The Lake

This started because Sapnap tries to Kidnap Tommy’s pet cow “Henry” in the Dream SMP. But during this Sapnap accidentally kills it. This causes Tommy to become super furious and he goes to dream, Niki, BadBoyHalo, and Skeppy to get them all on his side to take revenge from Sapnap. Their first plan was to lava cast the entire Eiffel tower which was built by Karl for Karl and Sapnap’s honeymoon.

In the end, they realized they really didn’t want to take the blame for it and accused BadBoyHalo of destroying the tower. Then Sapnap logs on to the server and starts a fight with Tommy. Later Skeppy and Bad chose to fight alongside Sapnap and after a while, Technoblade joins Dream and Tommy alongside and they ended up killing everyone resulting in them winning the war.

The MANBERG Festival

This festival was made up to celebrate democracy and MANBURG itself. During this Wilbur planned to blow up the hall of MANBERG. This would have happened during Tubbo’s speech. But once he was gone on stage Jschlatt interrupts and gets taken obed on the stage to publicly execute him.

Jshlatt had known Tubbo being a spy for Tommy and Wilbur for a long and this was basically an act of revenge. Wilbur gets worried about Tubbo’s life so he goes to find a button to blow everything up just to realize the room he had made disappeared. Technoblade goes through the execution but accidentally kills Quackity and Jschlatt and then he turns around to kill everybody at the festival.

MANBERG Vs POGTOPIA- Destruction of whole civilization in Dream SMP

Everyone in the Pogtopia gathered a bunch of items. Their end goal was to take out Jschlatt and claim back their land. The war started with dream taking away Eret’s kingship and making George the king of SMP. Also, Wilbur told everyone that he had planted 11 stacks of TNT under MANBURG. If anything goes wrong it all ends in the flame.

Everyone meets up and Techno leads into the secret base where he has been gathering items for the war.  And now they’re all geared up they marched into MANBURG and start fighting.

And after a good time of fighting Pogtopia is in the lead. Until dream asks Wilbur if they can talk. And Dream explains to him that Jschlatt hasn’t done anything for war so they surrender leading Pogtopia to win.

Everyone goes to Jschlatt and watches him basically have a heart attack and die. In the end, Pogtopia takes up L’MANBURG and Wilbur gives his president space to Tubbo.

But as everyone starts to celebrate, Wilbur goes back into his room and blows everything by pushing a button. But this doesn’t end here. Techno spawns 2 withers to destroy L’MANBURG.

As a president, Tubbo has to rebuild everything.

Tommy Gets Exiled

This starts when Tommy and Ranboo meet up on the SMP and tells Ranboo about his idea of going to George’s new house that had built during the previous war basically taking back a few of the items that he has there and griefing the house. After that George finds out about it and takes them to court where Tommy admits his crime but he refuses to say that Ranboo was a part of this plan too.

But this doesn’t end here. Dream thought this wasn’t enough and says Tommy has to be exiled or there would be bigger consequences. Dream builds big obsidian walls around L’MANBURG which gets taller until Tommy is gone.

During this Tubbo creates a poll on Twitter to decide whether Tommy should Exile or not and the majority went up exiling him.

In the end, Tommy suggests an idea to take Technoblade alongside to fight away with Dream. Although Fundy and  Quackity agreed with this plan Tubbo decides to betray Tommy by exiling him.

After this Quackity shows Turbo and Fundy a secret room that he had made. This whole room was created in killing Techno. They created a group named Butcher army.

Execution of Technoblade

Everything was going file in the Dream SMP. Until no one in the Butcher army knew where Technoblade lives so they go around Phil’s house and find a compass to which leads them directly to his house.

The Butcher army consisted of Fundy, Tubbo, Ranboo, and Quackity. They all arrive at Technoblade’s base and tell him that he has to go with them back to L’MANBURG so that they can talk. And that’s where they are going to execute him. So he doesn’t like this and throws a few potions and fights against them.

During this Technoblade forgets about Quackity who had stolen his horse from his base. He threatens to kill the Horse if Technoblade goes against them.

So Techno surrenders and they put him into a cage where there is an anvil really high above him which would be dropped on his head to kill him. While discussing Punz comes out of nowhere and places Ton of TNT as a distraction but it doesn’t work an Anvil falls right onto Techno who actually had a Totem of Undying saving his life and he runs away.

Quackity gets pretty angry and follows the way Techno went. He takes up a jewel with him in a cave. Although Quackity loses his jewel and the whole execution fails. He goes back into the secret room and discusses to turn on Dream next, due to Dream actually teaming up with Techno and giving him the Totem Of Undying and telling Punz to distract everyone.

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Then they plan a festival to kill Dream!!

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