EA Games Skate 4 Release Date

EA Games Skate 4 Release Date: On June 19, 2020, EA Games has announced the release of Skate 4. After the announcement, every fan is excited about EA Games Skate Release Date. Previous games in this series were big hits. Now, it is the perfect time to release the next game in this series. A lot of gamers are waiting for this Skate 4.

ea games skate 4

In this article, we will see the EA Games Skate 4 release date, supporting platforms for Skate 4, and its specs. So, let’s start this article without any delay.

EA Games Skate 4 Release Date

EA Games has given a hint that Skat 4 is coming soon. This game is currently in development. It is difficult to predict the release date of this game. But, we can expect that this game may launch between the last 2020 and mid-2021. This game is going to rule the next generation gaming platforms as many Skate series fans are waiting for the fourth installment of this series.

So, note that this game is going to release after a long time. So, wait till then and play previous Skate games to spend your time.

ea games skate 4

Supported Platforms for Skate 4

We have talked about EA Games Skate 4 Release Date. Now, it is time to discuss all the supported gaming platforms for this game. This section will clear whether you can play this game on your current gaming platforms or you will have to purchase a new one.

Currently, it is not cleared by EA Games that this game will be supported on current generation gaming platforms or not. But, we can say that this game will definitely run on the future generation gaming platforms. There is also a little chance that this game might be supported on the current generation gaming platforms.

Here is the list of gaming platforms on which this game might be supported:

  • Xbox One
  • PS4
  • PS5
  • Xbox Series X

We can only expect the supported platforms. It will be cleared only after the launch of Skate 4.

History of this gaming series

The first game in this series was released in 2007 with the name ‘Skate’. After two years, Skate 2 was released in 2009. Both games were a big hit in the gaming market. They were sold very fast. Due to this, EA Games decided to launch the third installment in this famous gaming series. They launched Skate 3 in 2010. Again, this game was hit.

Skate series is very famous among gamers. Gaming is incomplete if you haven’t played the Skate series. So, wait for EA Games Skate 4 Release Date with us and spend the time playing older Skate games again and again.

What is Skate Game Series?

If you do not know about this famous game series, do not worry. We will give you a brief intro to the Skate series.

ea games skate 4

The Skate series is developed by EA Games. They have also developed a mobile version of this game. You can play them. This game was mainly built for PS3, Xbox 360. In this game, you have to do skating. You can complete various levels by completing different challenges. As the level will increase, the difficulty will also increase. This game series is very interesting and addictive.

Purchase the older games of this series and enjoy them till the release of Skate 4.

Conclusion: EA Games Skate 4 Release Date

In conclusion, we will clear this to you that all the above information is collected from our research. EA Games has only announced the development of this game. Other resources are collected by our sources. We have tried to keep all the data as clear as possible. So, you can believe these data without any problem.

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