Exo Stranger Destiny 2 Wiki, Location, Voice Actor

We have brought this article that will help you to explore Exo Stranger Destiny 2 Wiki. In this article, you can explore the complete information regarding the Exo Stranger along with some other information.

Exo Stranger Destiny 2 Wiki
Exo Stranger Destiny 2 Wiki

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Exo Stranger Destiny 2 Wiki

Exo Stranger is called Elsie Bray. It is nothing but an Exo that is interested in the Guardian’s activities. Its gender is female and its species is Exo. Her status is Alive. Exo Stranger is the mysterious Exo whose origins are not known. It was introduced in Destiny’s campaign.

Exo Stranger Quests

A stranger offers different types of quests that help in unlocking Stasis abilities, Aspects as well as Fragments. When we talk about her Fragment quests then it is random. It is grouped by the activity where they can be easily done. You can complete these quests and earn a Memory Fragment as a reward in this game. You can use them to buy Stasis Fragments. The players can simply pick up the two Fragment quests each week.

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Deep Stone Crypt’s Exo Stranger Log Location In Destiny 2

After explaining Exo Stranger Destiny 2 Wiki, we would like to explain the location of Deep Stone Crypt’s Exo Stranger Log. You can find her near the campsite in Beyond on Europa.

The players can find the logs of the Exo Stranger on datapads throughout the Deep Stone Crypt. The players have to interact with them in order to pick them up. You can find them in the given locations:

Before the Crypt Security Encounter

The players can easily find the first Exo Stranger Data Log prior to the Crypt Security Encounter as well as after Pike Encounter. You can find it behind some metal crates in the room.

Clarity Control

You can find Data Log 2 at the Clarity Control. It is a room that you can find just after Crypt Security with the Darkness statue. It is the transition space that you can find before the Atraks-1 boss fight. The players can simply climb up the pipes overhead that appear before the left side of the room as well as travel to the end to pick up the datapad.

Spacewalk (After the Atraks-1 Boss Fight)

Once the players beat Atraks-1, they will get a chance to enter the spacewalk area that contains round metal platforms. In order to reach Data Log 3, the players have to turn to their right as well as jump across the set of three platforms. On the third platform, they can easily jump up as well as move to the right in order to reach a smaller catwalk. Here, the players can simply travel to the end of the catwalk as well as jump down.

Spacewalk (Before Taniks Reborn)

You can find the fourth Data Log at the end of the spacewalk section that is before Taniks Reborn. The players have to travel green catwalk as well as turn left.


Now, the players can enter a large room. The door will open and you can enter another room as well as turn left. Here, you will find the fifth as well as last Data Log on the top of a large, red Generator.

We have explained the complete information about Exo Stranger Destiny 2 Wiki.

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