Who does not like a unique and customized name in their game? Everyone likes it. So, we have brought Fall Guys How to Change Name guide for you. This guide will help you in making a unique and customized name in your game.

Having a customized make in the game will make your account unique. You will have to just follow the complete guide to know Fall Guys How to Change Name. Let’s explore this guide.

fall guys how to change name

Fall Guys How to Change Name?

Changing your display name in Fall Guys is very easy. You will have to just follow some easy steps to change your name in the game. Do not miss any step, otherwise your name will not be displayed correctly.

For learning Fall Guys How to Change Name, you will need a Steam account. This method will only work for PC and Steam version of this game. All the changes will be made through the Steam account. Due to this, the change will be displayed in your all game linked to your Steam account. The text name will be shown with all the codes. So, be prepared to display a wired name on your Steam account. But, the customize name will be shown in the game.

Fall Guys How to Change Name using Steam Account?

For customizing your name in Fall Guys, you will have to open your Steam account. After that, you will have to change your username of the Steam account. You will have to add the following given codes to customize it and make it amazing.

After seeing all codes, we will discuss an example so that you can easily implement it.

Color Codes

Here are all the color codes. You can use your favorite color in your name.

1. Blue

<#00F> or <#05F>

2. Cyan


3. Dark Purple


4. Green


5. Light Pink


6. Orange


7. Purple


8. Pink


9. Red


10. Yellow


Styling Change Codes

1. Bold


2. Italic


3. Underline


4. Size


5. Highlight


Using these codes, you can easily customize your display name in Fall Guys and other games liked to your Steam Account. Bold code will make your text bold, italic code will make your name italic, underline code will underline your name, and so on.

These were all the codes that will help you in customizing your display name in the Fall Guys game and other games. Here is the example that will help you in knowing Fall Guys How to Change Name.

Example to use these codes

If you want that your display name should be bold, italic, and purple in color, then you will have to use the following code.


Here, <#A0F> is the color code of Purple color, <b> is used for making your name bold, <i> is for italic, and Gameplayer is your name. Replace Gameplayerr with your name and you can use other codes in a similar manner.

Following these steps will easily bring changes to your display name. Along with the Fall Guys, your display name will be changed into all those games that are linked to your Steam account. Keep in mind that this guide is only for Steam and PC version of Fall Guys.

Conclusion: Fall Guys How to Change Name

In conclusion, we hope that you have got all details related to Fall Guys How to Change Name. Now, you can easily make your customized name in the game for making your appearance unique in the game. If you are facing any questions or queries related to this guide, you can ask us in the comment section. We are here to help you in solving all your questions and queries.

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