Fall Guys Update 1.13 Patch Notes: Season 3 Update

Fall Guys Update 1.13 is out and the players are very excited to know the Fall Guys Season 3 update. The developers have also fixed a lot of bugs and problems with this update. In this article, we will explain the complete changes and fixes made with this update.

Fall Guys Update 1.13

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Fall Guys Update 1.13| Fall Guys Season 3 Update

This update is available to download. The size of this update for PS4 is 2.49 GB. The size of updates may vary with the device. With this update, a lot of changes have been made by the developers of this game.

Fall Guys Update 1.13 Patch Notes

Fall Guys Season 3

  • The developers have added a lot of new features to win crowns in order to level up the crown rank as well as unlock the rewards.
  • You can also stay up to date on the Fall Guys news.
  • Now, the users can easily link the Amazon Prime account with the Fall Guys for getting exclusive rewards.
  • Now, the Show Selector would have an indicator for new shows available.
  • The developers have improved the in-game messaging for connectivity as well as errors.
  • The performance as well as visuals of transparency effects have been improved.
  • The camera sensitivity slider has more degrees.

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Bugs Fixed

Here is the list of bugs that have been fixed.

  • With Fall Guys Update 1.13, the developers have improved the error of Fall Mountain. Now, grabbing the crown sometimes will not end up the levels.
  • Match Fall error has been improved. Earlier, the players were being instantly eliminated after the countdown in some rare cases.
  • The developers have fixed the ball objects as being jittery or non-responsive in levels like Hoarders.
  • The developers have improved the group’s stability in different cases.
  • With Fall Guys Update 1.13, the bugs with the user interface have been changed.
  • Show Selector: Searching for multiple shows would now properly display the show the developers landed on during matchmaking.
  • The developers have also fixed the Score as well as Elimination UI.
  • A lot of bugs have been fixed to make the game more flawless.

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After discussing Fall Guys Update 1.13 Patch Notes, you might be interested to discuss more Fall Guys Season 3.

Since the Fall Guys Season 3 has been launched the players can enjoy playing season 3 of this amazing game. This season contains seven new stages. You can also explore new cozy costumes as well as new mechanics. The new levels include different stages such as Tundra Run as well as Ski Fall.

Fall Guys Season 3 will also contain the final match, you have to join the rotation such as Fall Mountain, Hex-a-Gone, as well as Jump Showdown. Fall Guys is a very interesting battle royale game that is available on different platforms such as Microsoft Windows, iOS, PlayStation 4, and Android.

If you own any of the gaming platforms then you can enjoy playing this game in your free time. This game supports the multiplayer mode. It comes under the Battle Royale as well as the platformer genre. Mediatonic is the developer of this amazing game while Devolver Digital is the publisher of this game. This game is full of fun and joy.

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It was the complete guide on Fall Guys Update 1.13 Patch Notes. Now, we would like to conclude this article with the hope that you have got the complete information regarding this update. If you have any queries regarding this update then you can feel free to ask us in the comment section. If you have updated your game then you can share your experience with us. We hope this article would be helpful to you and love to hear from you.

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