FIFA 21 Update Version 1.06 Patch Notes

The latest FIFA 21 Update Version 1.06 is released today and all the players in this game are now excited about the changes made in the game through this latest update. So, we have decided to bring the complete patch notes of this latest update for you.

Here, you will know the downloading process, complete patch notes of FIFA 21 Update Version 1.06, and other details. Let’s explore the complete patch notes of this latest update without any delay.

fifa 21 update version 1.06

FIFA 21 Update Version 1.06 Released

FIFA 21 Update Version 1.06 is released on November 3, 2020, and this latest update has brought a lot of changes in the game. This update is finally released for PS4 and Xbox One. It was released a few days ago for PC. You will have to spend about 2.89 GB of data to download this latest update on your PS4. The download size of this latest update will vary according to your gaming platform. (

We have provided the patch notes of this latest FIFA 21 Update Version 1.06 for you below. You can read it to know about all the changes made in the game.

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FIFA 21 Update Version 1.06 Patch Notes


The following changes are made in the game.

  • Referee logic is adjusted in potential yellow card scenarios, with the intent of reducing the likelihood of a yellow card is given.
  • The Ball Roll to Scoop Turn combination now requires a five star Skill Move Rating to perform.
  • The “Royal Wave” Celebration is added to the pool of Celebrations that can occur when requesting a Random Celebration.

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The following issues are addressed in the game.

  • Sometimes, the referee would end the game during inappropriate situations during Stoppage Time.
  • Sometimes, players could briefly float in the air following a physically contested header, a pass, or a shot.
  • Following specific dribbling sequences, the CPU AI would stop approaching the ball carrier, on some Difficulty Levels.
  • The Instant Hard Tackle would sometimes result in the player lunging further forward than intended due to an animation inconsistency.
  • Users could trigger Directed Runs and Player Locks on other users that were locked to one player while using Auto Positioning.
  • In rare instances in certain stadiums, the goalkeeper could get stuck when trying to retrieve the ball.
  • Booking scenes did not appear in some instances following a player injury.
  • In some instances, the Competitor Mode CPUI AI would frequently toggle between two tactics when losing a match by two or more goals.
  • In some out of game scenes, player heads would shift erratically.
  • When an outfield player collided with a goalkeeper, the outfield player’s animations could become visually corrupted before recovering.
  • Following a shot that connected with the goal frame, the frame could shake erratically.
  • In rare instances, a goal was counted as an own goal instead of being attributed to the correct player.
  • When an advantage call occurred as the first half was ending, the on-screen advantage icon would sometimes persist into the second half.
  • Following a foul from a tackle in the box, the foul and penalty kick was sometimes not awarded.
  • In some situations following a header pass, an unnecessary defensive auto-switch could occur.
  • Adjusted unintentional player placement found in Skill Games Practice Scenarios.

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For detailed FIFA 21 Update Version 1.06 patch notes, you can visit the official site of this game.

Conclusion: FIFA 21 Update Version 1.06

In conclusion, we hope that you have got the complete details about the latest FIFA 21 Update Version 1.06 patch notes and downloading size. If you have any doubts or queries related to this latest update, you can ask us in the comment section. We are here to help you in solving all your doubts and queries.

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