Fortnite 13.3 Patch Notes of November 21, 2020 Update

After the release of the latest update, every Fortnite player wants to know the Fortnite 13.3 Patch Notes list. They want to know what is new in this latest update. So, we have brought this article to you.

In this article, we will see the complete list of Fortnite 13.3 Patch Notes. It will make you aware of all new features added in this latest update of the game. So, let’s start seeing all details of this latest update without any delay.

fortnite 13.3 patch notes

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Fortnite 13.3 Patch Notes

The latest Fortnite update is released on November 21, 2020, for all gamers. Gamers can download this latest update to make their game bugs free and to get new features. We will see all major changes, newly added features, as well as bugs fixes for you.

At first, we will see all the major changes and newly added features of this latest update. It is very necessary to know to complete the Fortnite 13.3 Patch Notes.

Here is the list of all new features added and major changes of this latest update.

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You will definitely like these changes and features.

  • The loading time of Epic Submachine Gun (SMG) is decreased from 2.
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    2 to 1.9. It means that you will save 0.3 sec on reloading.

  • The reloading time of your Legendary SMG is also decreased from 2.1 to 1.8. You will also save the same time in this SMG also.
  • Now, you can light Campfires with the help of Flare Gun. It will be an interesting feature.
  • You will get access to Galaxy Scout Cup if you are an owner of Samsung Galaxy devices.
  • There are many challenges of Fortnite’s third birthday.
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  • You will not find even a single vehicle on the island after this update. Only damaged or vehicles stuck in the ground will be available. They will be as trucks’ achievements vehicles.
  • Thre is an upgrade in the gas station of both Salty Springs as well as Lazy Lake. This is done for some upcoming future upgrades and features.
  • All the Aquaman challenges are back. So, you will be able to receive all missed bonuses as well as outfits again.
  • Now, you can easily see all the upcoming challenges. You can see them from the HUD Layout Tool. It is found in the menu section.
  • A lot of new challenges are also added to the game. It is done to make these challenges amazing. You can play these challenges in multiplayer. So, make your team and enjoy these newly added challenges.

This was the complete list of all newly added features and major changes in this amazing game. In the Fortnite 13.3 Patch Notes, we will now see all the bugs fixed in this latest update. It will help you in knowing all the fixed bugs of this amazing game.

Bugs Fixed in this latest update

In Fortnite 13.3 Patch Notes, we will now see all the bugs that are fixed in this latest update of the game.

fortnite 13.3 patch notes img

All the bugs that you were noticing in the game are now solved and fixed. Now, there are not any active bugs in the game. All the bugs are fixed such as Whirlpools, Supply Drops, and other bugs.

Conclusion: Fortnite 13.3 Patch Notes

In conclusion, we hope that you have got all information and details regarding the Fortnite 13.3 Patch Notes. If you still have any questions or queries regarding the Patch Notes of this latest update, you can ask us in the comment section. We will love to help you in solving all your queries and problems.

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