Fortnite Cash Cup Prizes | Lowest Prize Pool Ever!

Epic Games has substantially decreased the Fortnite Cash Cup Prizes and fans are disappointed with this decision, so what is the matter? Why Epic Games had decided to lower the prize pool in competitive mode.

We have a detailed article on this, in which you will get to know about Fortnite’s Lowest Prize Pool ever, Lowest cash cup prizes and more, have a look.

Fortnite Cash Cup Prizes

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Lowest Fortnite Cash Cup Prizes Ever, Why?

Last year was not at all good for the world due to the global pandemic, but it was good for the gamers community and especially for Fortnite. Epic Games released a lot of updates last year and organized a lot of events in the game. And in those events players won a lot of prizes and cash cup prizes in the competitive mode. But this year the scene is inverted totally, do you know why? Let’s talk.

Epic has drastically decreased the Fortnite Cash Cup prizes for the competitive mode, and Fortnite fans and players are not at all happy. At the beginning of 2021, Epic Games has announced that they will decrease the prize pool for the first place winning in various cash cups. They also said that they will promote the winners on Twitter, but does it seriously matter?

Why the winner would want to get promoted on Twitter instead of taking the prize pool which will matter the most for any winner. Epic said that they will shoutout to the winner on their Twitter handle for best competitors instead of giving them cash to the winner.

Fortnite is getting constant updates and there is no issue in there, but players are not finding it enjoyable now, in its current state. Last year, even in the pandemic situation they did their best and tried to provide the best experience to the fans, by organizing a lot of tournaments and a lot of players won a lot of cash prizes.

The cash prize has been reduced to $600 now, earlier it was about $3000.

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Fortnite Cash Cup Prizes: Epic doesn’t support their competitive community?

Epic has never kept their policy friendly to the competitive players and this time they have even made it worst for the competitive, users are not at all happy with this behaviour of Epic. Last year they organized a lot of high profile tournament even in the pandemic but users and fans loved it so much. Epic may loose some special competitive member because of this decision.

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Fans and players are not at all happy with this decision of Epic, as they were already losing interest in the game due to Epic’s policies. Decreasing the winner prize pool and giving him a shoutout is the worst thing they could do, and they have done it. Fans are not shocked by this decision but this decision of Epic Games seriously affects competitive players.

So this was all about Fortnite Cash Cup Prizes | Lowest Prize Pool Ever.

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