Fortnite Season 6 Patch Notes Today Available, Update v16.00

The latest Fortnite Season 6 Patch Notes Today are available now and all players in this game are excited for the release of the latest upcoming v16.00 of this game. This latest update will brings Season 6 to the game and the patch notes are available even before the release of the update.

Here, you will get the complete details about the latest Fortnite Season 6 Patch Notes Today, other information about the latest upcoming v16.00, update file size, the downloading guide, and others. Let’s explore the patch notes of this upcoming update without any delay.

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fortnite season 6 patch notes today

Fortnite Season 6 Patch Notes Today Available

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 is going to arrive soon in the game. Due to this announcement from the developer of this game. We are also excited to check out the new season in this game. Downtime is now almost over and the latest Season of this game will be made available through the update v16.00. Fortnite Season 6 Patch Notes today are also available.

If we talk about the update file size, it is going to be larger than normal on all gaming platforms. Currently, the exact file size is still unknown to us. But, we are trying to provide it here as soon as possible.

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Here is the tweet by the official Fortnite Status handle after the beginning of the downtime. Currently, they have not cleared when the downtime will end. But, it is expected that it will end soon. Apart from that, the rollout time of this latest update will also vary per platform.

Here are the tweets that have announced the coming of Season 6 to the game. Downtime beginning time is also mentioned in these tweets.

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The downtime will end at the same time for all gaming platforms. Due to this, players of this game on all platforms will be able to enjoy the upcoming season at the same time.

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Leaks are claiming that a lot of new items will be added to the game as well as some items will also return to the game. According to sources, Pump is returning to the game in Season 6.

Here are some of the items that are confirmed to be added in the game through the Season 6 update.

  • Makeshift Rifle
  • Primal Shotgun
  • Wolf Meat item
  • Pump Shotgun
  • Cuddle Fish
  • Makeshift Shotgun
  • Makeshift Submachine
  • Gun Primal
  • SMG Boar
  • Spire Guardian items
  • Stink Sacs
  • Makeshift Revolver
  • Primal Flame Bow
  • Mechanical Shockwave
  • Bow Mechanical
  • Explosive Bow
  • Primal Stink Bow
  • Primal Rifle
  • Mechanical Bow
  • Items you can craft with Animal Bones
  • Chicken items you can craft with Mechanical Parts
  • Makeshift Bow
  • Frog Primal Pistol
  • Primal Bow
  • Stink Fish
  • Hunter’s Cloak

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We will update the article after the release of Fortnite Season 6 Patch Notes Today. So, bookmark this page and visit it regularly.

Conclusion: Fortnite Season 6 Patch Notes Today

In conclusion, we hope that you have got the complete details about the latest Fortnite Season 6 Patch Notes Today, how to update your game to v16.00, and much more. If you have any doubts or queries related to this latest update, you can ask us in the comment section. We are here to help you in solving all your questions and doubts.

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