Fortnite Update 2.98 Patch Notes 15.10.1 | PS5 Update 1.000.009

By | December 21, 2020

Today on 21st December 2020, Fortnite Update 2.98 Patch Notes is out and the players are very excited to know the changes made in this game. In this article, we will explain the complete changes made with this update. This article will help you to know the changes made with these patch notes. In this article, you can explore the detailed patch notes of this update.

Fortnite Update 2.98

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Fortnite Update 2.98

Fortnite Update 2.98 is available to download and the players are very excited to download and play the latest version of this game. The file size of this game for PS4 is 487 MB. The size of this update may vary with the device. The PS5 has got the Fortnite Update 1.000.009. The file size of this update is not known to anyone.

The Fortnite players were facing some issues for the last few days. They were facing the performance problem, leaderboard errors, as well as errors in some achievements. These errors have been solved.

Here we have embedded the official tweet of Fortnite so that you can easily gather all the information in a single place. Here is the official tweet from the developers of this game.


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Fortnite Update 2.98 Patch Notes 15.10.1

All the bugs and errors of this game have been solved. Here are the complete patch notes of this update:

  • Fortnite Crew Issues on Xbox: The contents are not received as well as removed from the account.
  • PS4 Note: 15.10.1 – Stability Fixes has been done to improve Fortnite.
  • PS5 resolution outputting at 1080p instead of 4K on certain displays.
  • The long loading screen problem has been solved with this update.
  • There was a sound effect audio delay that has been fized.
  • The players cannot create the system-level parties between PS5 as well as PS4 while playing Fortnite game.
  • The difficult editing banner issue has been solved with Fortnite Update 2.98.
  • The banner icon was not updating properly which has been solved with this update.
  • PlayStation fulfillment error message.
  • There was Michonne Outfit visual issue with the Cape back blings.

After discussing Fortnite Update 2.98 Patch Notes 15.10.1, you might be interested to know more about this game. Here, we have discussed the brief introduction of this game.

More About Fortnite Game

It is a very interesting online video game where you can enjoy a lot while playing. Epic Games is the developer as well as the publisher of this amazing game. This game is available on various platforms such as Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PlayStation 5. You can enjoy playing this game on any of these platforms. This game was released on 25th November 207. This game has different modes such as Fortnite: Save the World, Fortnite Creative, and Fortnite Battle Royale.

We have explained the complete information regarding Fortnite Update 2.98 Patch Notes and PS5 Update 1.000.009. If you have downloaded this update then do not follow to share your experience with us in the comment section. We would love to hear from you.

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It was the complete guide on Fortnite Update 2.98 Patch Notes. Now, we would like to conclude this article with the hope that you have got the complete information regarding this update. If you have any queries regarding this update then you can feel free to ask us in the comment section. We hope this article would be helpful to you.

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