Genshin Impact Apple Location – Easy Guide 2022

A lot of gamers want to know the Genshin Impact Apple Location as it is one of the important items for cooking. You can use Apple as an ingredient for cooking. So, it is necessary to know all the locations where you will find Apples in this game.

Here, you will get all Gehshin Impact Apple Location, how to use apples in this game, as well as other general information about this cooking ingredient. Let’s explore all locations of Apple without any delay.

genshin impact apple location

Genshin Impact Apple Location

The process of getting Apples in Genshin Impact is easy. There are a few locations where you can find Apples easily in the game. All Genshin Impact Apple Locations are given below. Reach these locations and collect apples.

1. From Trees

In the Wild, you can easily find Apples in this game from trees. Since Apples grow on trees, you will have to reach near an apple tree. After that, you have to press the prompt for collecting Apples. Another way to get apples is to attack the tree. Due to this, apples will fall from the tree. Once apples will fall from the tree, you will be able to easily pick up apples from the ground.

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That was the first location where you can find apples in the game. Now, it is time to know another Genshin Impact Apple Location.

2. Altar in Qingce Village

You will have to go near the Western Teleport Waypoint of Qingce Village. Here, you will find a shrine with an altar. On this altar, you will find a total of five apples. You can easily pick them from here.

These were both Genshin Impact Apple Locations where you can find apples. Now, it is time to know the use of apple in the game.

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Use of Apple in Genshin Impact

You can use apples in this game as an ingredient for making a Satisfying Salad. The process of making this food item is simple. You will need two Cabbages, 2 Apples, one bird egg, and one potato. Using these ingredients, you can make a Satisfying Salad.

This was the use of Apple in this amazing game. Now, let’s take a look at the basic information of this amazing fruit in this game.

Basic Information about Apple in Genshin Impact

Apple is actually a food item in this game. This food item can restore 300 HP upon its consumption. So, you can eat in the game or use it for making a Satisfying Salad. It is crisp and fragrant. Delicious raw or made into wine. These were all basic details about Apple in this game.

Genshin Impact is one of the most amazing role-playing game that was released on November 28, 2020. This action game is available for free on multiple gaming platforms such as Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, and PS4. This game will also release on PS5 and Nintendo Switch, but the release dates are not confirmed for these gaming platforms.

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Conclusion: Genshin Impact Apple Location

In conclusion, we hope that you have got the complete details about all Genshin Impact Apple Location along with its use and basic information. If you have any questions or queries related to this guide, you can ask us in the comment section. We are here to help you in solving all your doubts and queries related to Apple location and its usages.

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