Genshin Impact Gacha Simulator for Yelan Banner – Wish Sim, All You Need to Know

A lot of gamers have been wondering about the Genshin Impact Gacha Simulator for Yelan Banner as there are a lot of banners available. Due to this, all the players in this game want to know about the current Wish Banners. That’s why we have decided to bring this guide about the simulator for these banners to you.

Here, you will get to know everything about the latest Genshin Impact Gacha Simulator, details related to the Yelan Banner, all current wish banners, current events, upcoming limited events, pick-up characters, as well as other information regarding them. Let’s explore this guide without any delay.

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Genshin Impact Gacha Simulator

Genshin Impact is a popular and interesting action role-playing game that a lot of gamers enjoy on various gaming platforms. This game is available on various gaming platforms including Android, iOS, Windows PC, PS4, and PS5, and going to release for Nintendo Switch soon. This game is set in an anime-style open-world environment. You will also get an action-based battle system using elemental magic and character-switching.

In this game, a lot of interesting events take place regularly. In the series of these events, Genshin Impact Gacha Simulator for Yelan Banner is here. In this event, you can try out the Genshin Impact Gacha Simulator. With the help of it, you can get Yelan Banner in the game.

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Genshin Impact Gacha Simulator

First of all, we will begin by exploring the Pick Up Characters in this Genshin Impact Gacha Simulator for Yelan Banner. Then, we will explore the Current Wish (Gacha) Banners and Current Events.

Pick Up Characters

Here is the list of all pick up characters that you can obtain by trying out this simulator. We have listed them below.

  • Yelan
  • Yanfei
  • Barbara
  • Noelle

Current Wish Banners (Gacha)

Here is the list of all Gacha banners for now. We have also included the boosted characters and weapons for these banners.

  • Ayaka Banner Rerun: Ayaka, Sayu, Razor, Rosaria
  • Weapon Banner: Mistsplitter Reforged (Sword), The Unforged (Claymore)
  • Beginners’ Wish: Noelle
  • Wanderlust Invocation

Out of them, the Beginners’ Wish and Wanderlust Invocation banners are permanent while the remaining banners will remain available from April 19, 2022, to May 31, 2022.

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Current Events

Now, it is time to check out the current events for now. We have listed them all below.

  • Overflowing Mastery

    • Farm for Talent Books and get double the rewards!
  • Spices From The West

    • Create spices for your character’s favorite dishes!
  • Daily Check-In Event
    • Log in every day at Hoyolab to get rewards
  • Hangout Event
    • Ningguang’s Hangout Event
    • Yun Jin’s Hangout Event

Well, these were the current events, but, there are a few upcoming limited events that you need to know. That’s why we have brought them for you below. In the next section, you will be able to check out them.

Upcoming Limited Events

Here is the list of other upcoming events.

  • Ludi Harpastum
  • Spices From The West

Here is the list of Event Tracking Tool.

  • To Do List & Event Calendar

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In conclusion, we hope that you have got all information related to the new Genshin Impact Gacha Simulator for Yelan Banner, Wish Simulator that you can use, all current wish banners, and much more. So, you can give a try to this simulator, and do not forget to share your experience about it. If you are facing any issue or have questions related to it, then you can ask us in the comment section below. We will assist you in solving all your issues.

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