Genshin Impact Network Error on PS4 February 2021 | Failed to Connect to the Server Error Code 4206

Players are facing a lot of issues in Genshin Impact and one of those is Genshin Impact Network Error on PS4. This problem can occur due to many reasons but if you want to know about the solution to this problem then read the steps given below, carefully

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Genshin Impact is a quite popular game and is available to play on various platforms like PC, PS4, PS5, Android, and iOS. The game is cross-platform supported and allow you to play on various platforms. There are a lot of problems that users face while playing Genshin Impact on different devices. Due to heavy load, the servers cause a lot of issues during login and users face issues like slow network connection, DNS server error, and some other problem related to the network.

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PS4 users face these issues the most out of all, so here we have given some solutions which you can try to fix the Genshin Impact Network Error on PS4.

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Genshin Impact Network Error on PS4 February 2021: Error Code 4206

Genshin Impact is a great game and has a huge user base and due to that huge user base, there are a lot of issues and problems that users face regularly. One of the most common problems that a user’s face is the Genshin Impact Network Error on PS4. And here are some solutions which you can try to fix the error.

  • Restart the Game:

One of the most common issues gets fixed just by doing a simple reboot. This network problem doesn’t only occur due to Genshin Impact servers but also due to your network problem or slow internet connection, so a quick restart should fix the issue, however, if it doesn’t solve the issue then try the next step.

  • Update the Game:

The second step is to update the game, there can be some caching issue due to which you may not get the update, so if you are not seeing any update and getting the network error then you again have to make a quick restart and then you most probably should see an update, so just update the game, and that should fix the Genshin Impact Network error on PS4.

  • Slow or No Internet:

The third and most common step which you should follow is to check your internet connection and if it is too weak or there can be instances when there is no internet but your PS4 is showing active internet then you should check the internet with another device, and if it is really slow then try using a different Internet service, and your error will be gone.

  • Change the DNS:

The next step is to change the DNS settings, to do that, just go to Network and then choose Custom Setup. After that, just select Automatic IP Address Setting, and do not specify a DHCP Hostname, select Manual DNS settings, and then give Primary and Secondary DNS, and then select Automatic MTU, and don’t use any Proxy Servers, your problem should be fixed now.

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  • Use a VPN:Try using a VPN, it can also be a solution to your problem.

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Genshin Impact Network Error on PS4: Bonus Tips to Fix the Network Error

  • Contact the Community:Contact the Genshin Impact community, make a helpful post.
  • Sign into PS Network:The last and final solution we could found to the Genshin Impact Network error on PS4 is to sign in into the Playstation Network, as the PS had a user agreement update so it can also help you fix the problem.

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