Genshin Impact Promo Codes March 2021 to Get Free Items | 100% Active Working Codes

By | February 27, 2021

miHOYO provides Genshin Impact Promo Codes March 2021 to get free stuff without doing any task and activity. And if you are wondering that how to get these promo codes that are active and working 100% and how to redeem these codes, then you have landed at the right place, have a look.

Genshin Impact Promo Codes March 2021

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You can avail free items, Primogems, and a lot of other stuff without completing a mission or task absolutely for free, and if you are wondering, how? Then let us tell you.

miHOYO releases promo codes every month for Genshin Impact players, and you can redeem those codes, get some free items. If you are able to find the active and 100% working code only then you can get this free stuff. Finding these working codes is the main issue, but don’t worry we have solved your problem, by finding all working codes for March 2021.

Below, we have provided Genshin Impact Promo Codes March 2021 to Get Free Items.

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Genshin Impact Promo Codes March 2021 to Get Free Items

If you are an experienced traveler then you must know that miHOYO releases promo codes on some special occasions and by redeeming those promo codes you can claim some free rewards. These rewards can get you Primogems, and a lot more valuable items. But let us tell you that these codes are very few in numbers. This means that miHOYO only releases 2-3 codes by which you can redeem free items.

For the month of March, they have revealed a total of 3 codes. These 3 promo codes can get you some Primogems, Some Mora, Hero’s Wit, and Adventure experience.

There are also some codes which get expired every month, and if you are a new player or a beginner then we would suggest you also try using the expired and inactive promo codes, and we have seen that the codes which are expired or inactive mostly work for a new player, or a player who is using these codes for the first time.

Below, you can find all the Genshin Impact Promo Codes for March 2021 to Get Free Items, have a look.

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Genshin Impact Promo Codes March 2021 to Get Free Items: 100% Active Working Codes for Primogems

Here are all the active and working Genshin Impact promo codes for March 2021, have a look:


You can copy this code, and make sure that you don’t put any space before and after this code. This can get you 50 Primogems, and 3 Hero’s Wit.


This code can get you 60 Primogems and 10,000 Mora.



This Promo code will get you 30 Primogems and 5 Adventure’s Experience.

Genshin Impact Promo Codes March 2021: How to Redeem Genshin Impact Promo Codes?

To redeem all these promo codes, just go to the official Genshin Impact’s website. After that, log in to your account, and you will see an option to redeem the code which should be available on the top. Just click on that, paste your code, and click on redeem, and you should see a pop-up that says “Promo Code Redeemed”.

So this was all about Genshin Impact Promo Codes March 2021 and how to use codes to get free stuff.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach on Genshin Impact Promo Codes March 2021 to Get Free Items | 100% Active Working Codes.

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