Genshin Impact Rhinedottir Identity | Who is Rhinedottir in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact Rhinedottir is the person who might have created both Albedo and Durin. But Who is Rhinedottir in Genshin Impact and How Rhinedottir created Albedo and Durin? Here in this article, we have answers to your questions which you might be looking for about Genshin Impact Rhinedottir.

Genshin Impact Rhinedottir

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Rhinedottir has never appeared in Genshin Impact and even nobody knows about him. If you are playing Genshin Impact faithfully and following the story then you might have heard of Rhinedottir in the game. The name of Rhinedottir comes in the game when Albedo’s story quest begins around the Dragonspine region.

In Genshin Impact, Lore Hound already knows that this character isn’t made an appearance in Genshin Impact but there is a mention of the name Rhinedottir in Genshin Impact. So here in this article, we will found out Who is Rhinedottir in Genshin Impact?

How did Rhinedottir create Albedo and Durin in the game?

We might not know the answers to these questions but we will try our level best to answer these questions here in this article. So have a look at Genshin Impact Rhinedottir Identity.

Genshin Impact Rhinedottir Identity

Rhinedottir has never appeared in Genshin Impact but you might have heard his name in the story when the Albedo quest begins in the Dragonspine region. Rhinedottir is an unknown or mysterious character in the game and we don’t know if he becomes an important character in the game in the upcoming story.

Nothing is actually clear about Rhinedottir in Genshin Impact but there are only one or two mentions in the game and we all know is that Rhinedottir is the master of Albedo. Albedo is one of the smart and intelligent characters in Genshin Impact and for that level of knowledge and intelligence everyone needs a master, and Albedo’s master is Rhinedottir in Genshin Impact. Rhinedottir might be a genius and he might know some top secrets of the mysterious world.

In Genshin Impact during Albedo’s quest in the Dragonspine region, Albedo said that the dragon Durin’s fire represents his life force and due to which he assumes that Rhinedottir has created the great dragon and that makes us think that Rhinedottir has also created Albedo. And there are very high possibilities that Albedo is created by Rhinedottir.

If you are still not convinced that Rhinedottir has created Albedo in Genshin Impact, so look at the next section in which we have explained some secrets, have a look at Who is Genshin Impact Rhinedottir.

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Genshin Impact Rhinedottir: How Rhinedottir Created Albedo?

Do you know that Albedo’s other talent is Homuncular Nature and all these things lead us to think that Albedo was created by Rhinedottir as he might have the power of creating mysterious dragons? This could be totally wrong and we are not saying that this is the only reason Rhinedottir is Albedo’s master, but there are some possibilities that this might have happened.

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When will I meet Rhinedottir in Genshin Impact?

Yes, the meeting is going to happen any time soon as the next big Genshin Impact update arrives.

Art of Khemia which can cause heavy damage in Tevyat can be the student of Albedo and Rhinedottir. And from this, we can also assume that Rhinedottir is going to appear soon in the Khaenri’ah region which will be added in the next or upcoming update of Genshin Impact.

So this was all about Genshin Impact Rhinedottir Identity New Hints and Guide.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach on Genshin Impact Rhinedottir Identity New Hints and Guide.

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