Genshin Impact Ulman Location | Lost Riches Event Guide

Another event is on its way and in this event, you must know the Genshin Impact Ulman Location.

Ulman is the main non-player character of the Lost Riches Event in Genshin Impact and you have to find Ulman’ Location because he will have a new gadget and you have to find and dig coins using the gadget. Here we have a detailed guide on the Genshin Impact Ulman Location | Lost Riches Event, have a look.

Genshin Impact Ulman Location

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One more event is about to arrive in Genshin Impact and we have all information about the upcoming event which is known as The Lost Riches.

You must know about this event as you will get some special rewards after you have complete the task given in the event and if you don’t know anything about the task as well, then here we have all info such as in the event you have to find Genshin Impact Ulman Location because Ulman is going to give you a gadget and that gadget will help you find the coins, as you have to find coins in this challenge.

You have to find these coins by digging or by exploring, so have a look at the Genshin Impact Ulman location and all details about the Lost Riches event such as the release date and time, etc.

Genshin Impact Ulman Location: All Details About The Lost Riches Event

So before knowing about How to complete the challenges and tasks in the Lost Riches event, we should know the timings, and here are the timings.

The Lost Riches event is going to begin on Jan 08, 2020, at 10 AM server time. The event will end after 10 days which means the event will run until Jan 18, 2020, at 4 am server time. Also, the event shop will be up and running when the event starts and will end on Jan 22, 2020, at 4 am server time. You will have an opportunity to get a lot of time to spend the Iron Coins.

Note: You can only take part in The Lost Riches event if you have or above the Adventure Rank 20 and if you have completed the Prologue Act 1 which is “The Outlander Who Caught the Wind”. So these are the prerequisite you have to fulfill to take part in the event.

So now we will move on to the next main thing which is the event details and one of the most important things which you might not want to miss is the Genshin Impact Ulman Location as it plays a major role in the Lost Riches, let us tell you why.

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Genshin Impact Ulman Location Guide and Event Info

In this event, you will have to find the Iron Coins all over the island. You can find these iron coins buried in the ground on the island and you have to track them down and dig them up. There is not much info about this event but all we can say is this is just a normal event.

To find the iron coins, you will be required to have a gadget that will help you track the coins down, and to get the tracking gadget, you have to find Ulman in Genshin Impact. As Ulman has the gadget. So you should know Genshin Impact Ulman Location.

Ulman is the non-player character of this event and you can find him near the Stone Gate in Liyue, he will give you a gadget which is known as Treasure Seeking Seelie which you can use to find the silver coins.

After completing the challenge you will be rewarded with some special treasure clue which you can use to get the Primogems and other such rewards.

Genshin Impact Ulman Location Guide

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So this was all about Genshin Impact Ulman Location | Lost Riches Event Guide.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach on Genshin Impact Ulman Location | Lost Riches Event Guide

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