We have brought the best method to rise Ghost of Tsushima Legend Ranks easily for you. You will be able to easily raise your legend ranks in the game by following this guide.

In this article, we will tell you the best way to increase your Ghost of Tsushima Legend Ranks easily and without any problem. So, let’s start seeing this guide without wasting any time.

ghost of tsushima legend ranks

Ghost of Tsushima Legend Ranks Rising method

In this section of our article, we will see the best methods for rising your Legend Ranking in the game. You can easily increase the rank by following these steps. These steps will help you in easily rising your Legend ranking in the game. So, try to perform every method to get the top Ghost of Tsushima Legend Ranks.

1. Completing the Story Mode of the Game

It is very important to complete the story mode of the game to get a better Legend rank. As the progress of your story mode of the game will increase, your Legend rank will also start rising. So, try to complete the Story mode of this game as soon as possible. You will definitely love the story mode of this amazing game.

Now, we will see other methods to increase your Ghost of Tsushima Legend Ranks easily. You can follow this method to get a better rise in your Legend ranking.

2. Try to kill your all enemies and bandits

Yes, killing your all enemies as well as bandits will earn your points. It will result in a raise in your Legend rank. So, try to kill and eliminate each and every enemy and bandits in the game for more points. If you want to find more bandits, you can find them while traveling. Bandits mostly target travelers and it will be a good chance to kill them and earn points for getting a rise in Legend rank.

3. Completing all side Quests at the proper time

It is necessary to complete the side quests at their proper timing. If you will not do so, they will start to become lock when you will reach in the advanced levels of the story mode. So, in order to earn and raise your Legend Ranks as more as possible, try to complete all side quests to get maximum raise in your Legend ranks.

After seeing all the best possible methods for rising the Ghost of Tsushima Legend Ranks, we will see the Legend Ranks in this amazing game. You will love to see the legend ranks in the game

List of all Legend Ranks in the game

In this section of our article, we will talk about the list of all legend ranks in the game. We will see the ranks that you will unlock after each successful rasing.

Here is the list of all Legend Ranks in this amazing game. You will also get rewards on getting a raise in the Legend Rank.

  1. The Broken Samurai
  2. The Wandering Samurai
  3. The People’s Hope
  4. The Unyielding Wind
  5. The Shadow Samurai
  6. The Hero of Tsushima
  7. The Avenging Guardian
  8. The Phantom Samurai
  9. The Demon’s Blade
  10. The Raging Storm
  11. The Ghost of Tsushima

This was the list of all Ghost of Tsushima legend Ranks that you can achieve in the game. So, go for these Legend Ranks.

Conclusion: Ghost of Tsushima Legend Ranks

In conclusion, we hope that you have got the guide to raise Ghost of Tsushima Legend Ranks easily. If you still have any problem or face any difficulty in following this guide, then you can contact us in the comment section of our article. We will love to help you in solving your problems and queries.

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BigFrank95 · July 20, 2020 at 7:15 pm

There are many more than just 5 Legend Ranks.. and your #3 isn’t even one.. it’s the in-game title for the ranking system.. “Legend of the Ghost”???

    Ghanimah · July 26, 2020 at 11:28 am

    You missed out on a couple. I’m now on Raging Storm which doesn’t appear on this list

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