Godfall PS5 Update 1.006 Patch Notes 2.3.5 is out

Godfall PS5 Update 1.006 Patch is now out and available to download. The update contains a lot of major issues and bug fixes, a lot of content added to the game, and some hotfixes. We have all details about the Godfall PS5 Update 1.006 Patch update such as its download size, general fixes, bug fixes, some issues major issues on PS5, and someone PC.

Godfall PS5 Update 1.006

Counterplay Games has pushed an update regarding the Godfall PS5 Update 1.006 Patch Notes 2.3.15 for PS5 and PC and we have full details regarding this update.

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Godfall PS5 Update 1.006 Patch Download Size: The Godfall Update 1.006 is now available to download on PC and PS5, and the download size of this update weighs around 1.41GB, it may vary depending upon the platform.

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Godfall PS5 Update 1.006 Patch Notes

First of all, there are some general bugs and issues which players were facing which have been fixed with the Godfall PS5 Update 1.006 Patch.

Here we have all the details regarding the Godfall PS5 Update 1.006 Patch Notes, have a look:

  • Mass Salvage is now available in the game
    • Now you can tag gear to a Salvage or your favorite mark
    • The gear which is equipped currently are on a Valorplate will be locked
    • Favourite or locked gears cannot be salvaged.
    • When you choose the option “Salvage All”, Salvage gear will be dissembled
  • An issue has been fixed which were not boosting the Amulets, Rings and Augments while upgrading to Rank 3.
  • The way in which the game was handling the input buffer has been updated.
  • An issue has been solved which were not letting the Secondary Traites getting updated properly in Rank 5.
  • Hitches and stuttering issues have been solved.
  • A reminder name text on Tower of Trial Icons has been added.
  • A field of view slider has been added.
  • Where buttons were not registering properly in input buffering has been fixed.
  • In the combat animations, windows of opportunity to buffer the use of the lifestone have been boosted up now.
  • Some framerate issues have been resolved while having an Archon Fury that summons sentinels.
  • An issue has been solved in which Archon Fury damage effects were not showing correct values.
  • Lunara’s AoE Grab is cancelling the player’s Archon Fury before the time has been fixed.
  • When the bar is full, the weapon technique has been improved.
  • Tracking rotation on all weapons has been boosted up.
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  • Issues that allowed enemies to parry a player’s weapon ticky attacks.
  • A big issue that was causing the Heavy timing attacks to deal falsely has been fixed.
  • When trying to use a weapon, the game was crashing which is now fixed.
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  • An issue has been solved which were causing the Polarity Attack to not update it correctly after the player’s death.
  • Settled an issue where the Resistance aptitude hub showed an erroneous measure of Resistances allowed by each Rank.
  • Addressed an issue where money boxes could respawn when party individuals exit the gathering.
  • Tackled an issue where Vargul Champions may have no Takedown prompts, forestalling further movement.
  • Settled an issue where Zamora’s material physical science would go insane and spaz out.
  • Addressed an issue with the ecological breeze strength not making a difference appropriately during the instructional exercise.
  • Settled an issue with the Lashing Reflection (Augment) where the harm increment was not having any significant bearing by any means.
  • Settled an issue with the Rank 5 Weakpoint Skill where the shockwave created would reapplying harm modifiers, bringing about galactic numbers.

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Godfall PS5 Update 1.006 Patch: PS5

  • Some multiplayer issues have been resolved in which accepting an invite on the screen did not automatically transit the player in the game.
  • Audio lost issues have been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where starting the game without internet connection and then connecting to the internet starting the game with a different character.

Godfall PS5 Update 1.006 Patch: PC

  • A Salvage shortcut has been added.
  • A sprint toggle option for keyboard and mouse has been added.
  • Some highlights issue has been fixed.
  • Pressing the Esc key could cause the game to close instead of coming out from the menu
  • Showing the wrong resolution on windowed screen has been fixed.

So this was all about the Godfall PS5 Update 1.006 Patch Notes version 2.3.5.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach on Godfall PS5 Update 1.006

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