Gris Fall Guys: New Limited Time Crossover Skin, Price

By | September 28, 2020

Fall Guys players, Gris Fall Guys skin is added to the game. This skin is going to be a limited-time crossover skin in the game. It means that you will have to grab it before it gets removed from the store.

Here, you will get the complete information about how to get Gris Fall Guys skin in the game, its price, and all other details that will help you in grabbing this skin in the game easily. So, read this article completely in order to know the process to get it before its removal from the store. Let’s explore it.

gris fall guys

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Gris Fall Guys Limited Time Crossover Skin

As we all know that Fall Guys includes limited-time crossover skins in the game frequently. This time, they have added the Gris Fall Guys skin in the game. Actually, the developer of Fall Guys has collaborated with the developer of Gris to bring this limited-time crossover skin to the game.

Since it is a limited-time crossover skin, you will have to pay a special price to get it. The cost of this skin is 10 Crowns. If you do not have 10 Crowns in the game, then start playing the game and earning crowns. You can get crowns either by winning final rounds or by grinding out a season’s Battle Pass.

Here is the offical tweet of Fall Guys regrading the announcement of this skin. We have embedded it for your ease.

Keep it in mind that this amazing Gris Fall Guys skin will not remain in the Crown store for a long time. It will leave the store on Tuesday, November 29, 2020. So, make sure that you earn 10 Crowns and get this skin before its leaving from the store. In case you already have 10 crowns, then grab it now from the store.

In case, you miss this skin, then do not disappoint. Fall Guys introduces a lot of limited-time crossover skins in the game frequently. If you will miss it, you will be able to grab another one. You will also get a lot of new costume items in the game through the upcoming Season 2. So, there will be completely interesting to get a lot of different costume items in the game soon.

Yes, you are going to get Season 2 soon in the game in the month of November. It may be released at the starting of November because Fall Guys tweeted that Fall Guys Season 2 is coming soon and then deleted that tweet. They also accidentally confirmed Season 3. You can read about it in detail in the article whose link is given below.

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Now, we have provided the complete information about this amazing skin that is availalbe now in the game. So, go now and grab this amazing crossover skin. Your character will look really cool with this skin.

We liked this amazing limited time costume item in the game. What is your opinion about this Gris Fall Guys skin from another amazing game Gris? Do not forget to share your opinion about this skin below. We would love to hear it from you.

Conclusion: Gris Fall Guys Skin

In conclusion, we hope that you have got the complete details about Gris Fall Guys Crossover skin. Grab it now by paying 10 Crowns. If you have any questions or queries related to this skin, feel free to drop a comment below. We are here to help you in solving all your queries and questions.

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