GTA Online Account Reset done by Rockstar Games

GTA Online Account reset is done by Rockstar Games, the developer of this game. The reason behind this resetting of accounts is the apartment garage money glitch. Due to this, all the players of GTA Online are worried. Read this article completely to know whether your account will be reset by the developer or not.

Here, you will get the exact reason behind the GTA Online Account Reset done by Rockstar Games. Let’s know about this topic in detail.

gta online account reset

The Reason behind GTA Online Account Reset

Glitches always occur in the game and some gamers exploit these glitches for temporary benefits. Such a case happened some days before. Players of GTA Online were able to get 2 million GTA Dollars. They were able to do so by exploiting the recent apartment garage money glitch. At the time of misusing that glitch for making money. The players were happy. But now, they are being punished by the developer of this game.

All the in-game progress, character, vehicles owned, money earned, achievements earned are cleared by the developer through the GTA Online Account Reset.

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Who is suffering from GTA Online Account Reset?

If you have abused the apartment garage money glitch, then you will have to pay for it now. GTA Online account of all such players is resetting by Rockstar Games. If you have also exploited the recent money glitch and your account is still safe, do not consider your self as lucky. Rockstar Games team is currently working to reset all such accounts. Due to this, a lot of players are disappointed. They are loosing their hard-earned achievements, money, vehicles, progress, and everything in the game. They will have to start GTA Online again from the start.

If your account is also reset by the developer, then you cannot complain about that. You are the reason for all this mess. Your transitory greed has wiped away all your hard-earned in-game achievements, progress, vehicles, money, and everything. So, do not become greedy and always try to get anything in the game and in the real-life through your hard work. Choosing such shortcuts may cost you more.

If you are also suffering from GTA Online Account Reset, then do not disappoint. Start playing the game again and never exploit such glitches in the game.

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Be thankful to the developer that they have not permanently banned your accounts. They have permanently banned accounts during the previous glitches. But this time, they are only resetting the account and character of players who have misused the apartment garage money glitch.

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GTA Online Account Reset is affecting all guilty players from PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This glitch is still present in the game. But, you should avoid using it. Otherwise, it will cost you a lot. Your account will be reset by Rockstar Games. Let’s see when they fix this glitch from the game.

YouTube videos explaining the use of this glitch have also received a copyright strike from Take-Two Interactive. So, you can think that Rockstar is taking it seriously.

Rockstar Game has not issued any statement on GTA Online Account Reset. We hope that they issue a statement after fixing this glitch from the game.

Conclusion: GTA Online Account Reset

In conclusion, we hope that your account is safe. Your GTA Online Account Reset will not be performed by the developer if you have not exploited the apartment garage money glitch. If you still have any questions or queries related to this Account reset done by Rockstar Games, you can ask us in the comment section. We are here to help you in solving all your questions and queries.

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