Halo Fountain MTG – Magic: The Gathering, Streets of New Capenna

A lot of gamers have been wondering about the Halo Fountain MTG as this specific artifact will provide you with a fun and interesting way to win the game. Due to this, all the players in this game want to know about this new Artifact in the Streets of New Capenna expansion. That’s why we have decided to bring this guide to you.

Here, you will get to know about the latest Halo Fountain MTG, the use of this new artifact in the Streets of New Capenna, how to use this alternate win condition in your game, as well as other benefits of this new artifact. Let’s check out the complete details about this item and its guide without any delay.

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Halo Fountain MTG
Halo Fountain MTG

Magic: The Gathering is a popular tabletop and digital collectible card game that is played by a lot of gamers. This game was released in 1993 by Wizards of the Coast. In this game, new cards are released regularly through expansion sets.

In this game, you can win by bringing other players’ life points to 0. But, apart from that, there are a lot of creative and fun ways that you can follow to win. Streets of New Capenna expansion pack has offered an interesting Mythic Rare artifact called Halo Fountain. It is a Mythic Rare, which is a white artifact and it is the part of both digital and physical releases in Magic: The Gathering.

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Table of Contents

Halo Fountain MTG – Abilities

There are a total of three abilities of this Halo Fountain MTG artifact. You will have to untap several of their creatures for each of these abilities. You will have to tap those creatures in the first place and reward them for being aggressive. You will be also able to use it in a turbofog deck. This artifact will cost you a total of 3 mana to play and one of which must be white.

Here are the three-tap abilities of Halo Fountain MTG. We have listed them all below.

  • Tap 1 White, Tap Halo Fountain, untap a tapped creature you control: Create a 1/1 green/white Citizen creature token
  • Tap 2 White, Tap Halo Fountain, Untap two tapped creatures you control: Draw a card
  • Tap 5 White, Tap Halo Fountain, Untap fifteen tapped creatures you control: You win the game

You will have to keep as many creatures in play at a time. In the list of various fun and interesting method to win this game, this new artifact is also now added and you can easily use it. We have listed all abilities of this artifact. In the upcoming Streets of New Capenna expansion, you will be able to use this amazing artifact for winning your game. This new expansion is not released yet.

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Streets of New Capenna Release Date

If we talk about the release date of this upcoming new expansion pack in this game, it will be digitally released on April 28, 2022. The paper release for this expansion pack is April 29, 2022.


In conclusion, we hope that you have got all details related to the Halo Fountain MTG, what is the use of this artifact in the Streets of New Capenna expansion in Magic: The Gathering, and much more. So, you can now easily use this alternative winning condition in your game. If you have any questions related to this guide, you can ask us in the comment section. We are here to assist you in solving all your queries and doubts.

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