Happy Together Cyberpunk 2077- Andrew’s Niche Location in Cyberpunk 2077

Happy Together Cyberpunk 2077:The Cyberpunk 2077 has launched yesterday and fans are enjoying it. As Cyberpunk 2077 is filled with side jobs and quest, happy together is one of the those Cyberpunk 2077’s side quest which player want to complete. Every player is looking for Andrew’s Niche Location in the game so that they can complete the Happy Together side quest in CYberpunk 2077.

Happy Together Cyberpunk 2077

As you know, Cyberpunk 2077 is all about the side quests and main story. The entire game is based on the side missions and quests. Happy Together is one such quest in the game. A lot of players are already stuck at the Happy Together quest in Cyberpunk 2077 and looking for Andrew’s Niche Location in the game.

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So here we are with a quick and simple quick about Andrew’s Niche Location and how to complete Happy Together Cyberpunk 2077, have a look at the details.

The Side Quest- Happy Together Cyberpunk 2077

The side quest happy together starts at the V’s apartment in the game. When you see there are two cops beating an unknown guy at a door. The cops will ask you to check the colleague, Barry, after a quick conversation with you.

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If you are ready to go after it, you can have a convo with Barry. And after the convo, you will get an option to go to his friend’s grave at the graveyard. Getting to the exact location is quite hard, but don’t worry with this guide it’s not that tough.

When you knock on barry’s door he will not answer you, so wait for a couple of hours to get a response from barry. You can try speeding up the time from the pause menu and you can try again then.

Barry will ask you some questions which are minding him. He looks depressed, as he has lost his closest friend, Andrew. After the conversation with barry is ends, you will get an objective to find Andrew’s niche location before having a convo with the cops. Doing this will help you, let’s know why in the next section.

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Happy Together Cyberpunk 2077: Where to find Andrew’s Niche Location?

In the north oak part of Westbook, you can find the cemetery to the east, there will be a map marker that will take you there. After reaching the graveyard, go to the marker and a square quest zone on the mini-map will pop up.

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You will see a lot of niches here in the graveyard and finding the Andrew Niche is quite tough, so we are also posting a video that will help you in finding Andrew’s Niche

To find the Andrew Niche in the graveyard, you have to go to the corners. You will find it in one of those corners of the quest areas, which are next to the stairs. There you will see a blue plaque on it, which you have to areas, it will give you a better idea of the situation, then you will know that what you have to tell barry’s cops.

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That’s it. For further details, have a look at the video.

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So this was all about how you can find Andrew’s Niche Location and how to complete happy together Cyberpunk 2077 side quest. If you need more help regarding Andrew Niche Location.

Hopefully, you will like our approach on the side quest, happy together cyberpunk 2077, Andrew niche location in cyberpunk 2077.

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