Heart Lake Fortnite Location – Complete Guide 2020

Currently, all gamers want to know the Heart Lake Fortnite location as the players will have to catch a fish from this lake in the game during Week 10 to complete the challenge. So, we have decided to bring a complete guide on this.

Here, you will get the complete details about the Heart Lake Fortnite location, how to complete this challenge during Week 10 easily, and much more. Let’s explore these details without any delay.

heart lake fortnite

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Heart Lake Fortnite Location in map

During Week 10 in Fortnite, in one of the challenges, you will have to go on a fishing trip and catch a fish from the Heart Lake Fortnite. Once you will catch the fish from the specific lake, the mission will be completed. Now, the thing is, it is important to know the location where this Heart lake is located on the map of Fortnite. You will know about the location of this lake below.

Heart Lake is located in upstate New York. You can easily reach this location on the map as this lake is located within the Stark Industries area. This location can be easily found in the D2 and D3 if you will look at the map. In case you are having trouble finding this lake, you will have to look for a heart-shaped lake at the given location. You can easily locate it as situated on a popular location in the game and the shape of this lake is also unique.

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It is the largest water body at that location. Once you will reach the Heart Lake Fortnite, you will have to equip a fishing rod.

Getting a fishing rod is very simple. You can find it near any water body.

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In this case, you can get a fishing rod near Heart Lake.

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Once you will get the fishing rod, go to a fishing spot and then throw the bait of your fishing rod in the lake. When a fish is caught through the fishing rod, this challenge will be completed.

Using this guide, you can reach Heart Lake Fortnite location and complete this challenge. This amazing challenge is a part of Week 10 in Fortnite. There are a lot of other challenges during Week 10 that you can complete in the game. We have provided the complete list of all challenges of Week 10 below.

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  1. Search Chests at Upstate New York: 7
  2. Eliminations at Lazy Lake: 3
  3. Collect Metal from Slurpy Swamp
  4. Catch Fish at Heart Lake
  5. Eliminate opponents by hitting them with vehicles
  6. Drive a boat from the Fortilla to the Authority in less than four minutes
  7. Ride 20,000 meters in a vehicle: 20,000

As you can see that Catch Fish at Heart Lake is the fourth challenge in the list that you will have to complete during Week 10. So, do not miss this amazing challenge along with other challenges. This challenge is not hard to complete. You can easily complete it in the game if you will follow this guide.

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Fortnite is one of the most amazing game that is available for multiple gaming platforms. This free game has different game modes such as Battle Royale, Creative mode, Save the World, and Party Royale. This amazing game is developed by Epic Games.

Conclusion: Heart Lake Fortnite

In conclusion, we hope that you have got the complete details about the Heart Lake Fortnite location. So, reach there and catch a fish to complete this challenge during Week 10. If you are facing any difficulties during completing this mission, you can ask us in the comment section.

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We are here to help you in solving all your doubts and queries.

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