Hitman 3 Maps, Locations, Trophy Guide, and Gameplay (Jan 2021)

Everyone wants to know about the Hitman 3 maps, locations, trophies, and its gameplay. IO Interactive has finally revealed all the details regarding the game.

You will soon be able to play with agent 47. And before playing with agent 47 you should know the Hitman 3 maps and locations as much as you can, and this is the only reason why IO Interactive has already revealed all of the locations which you will be visiting in Hitman 3.

Here we have prepared a quick and simple guide on Hitman 3 Maps, Locations, and its Trophies Guide, have a look.

Hitman 3 Maps, Locations, Trophy Guide, and Gameplay (Jan 2021)

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Hitman 3 Maps and Locations

IO Interactive has confirmed a total of 6 locations as of now in Hitman 3. Each of these 6 locations will have its own main missions. In the future, IO Interactive may release more maps and locations for the game, but as of now you will only be visiting these 6 locations and completing the missions. Here are those 6 locations:

  • Berlin, Germany
  • Dartmoor, United Kingdom
  • Dubai, UAE
  • Chongqing, China
  • Mendoza, Argentina
  • Carpathian Mountains, Romania

In the location of Dubai, UAE, you will get to see the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. And on the Dartmoor, Garmany, you will get to see a mansion that features a murder mystery where you will be spending your time completing the missions.

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Hitman 3 Maps, Trophies Guide

In Hitman 3, there is a total of 48 trophies, in which 1 Platinum, 1 Gold, 16 Silver, and 30 Bronze trophies are there, and here is the Hitman 3 trophy guide which will help you getting these trohpies.

Hitman 3 Trophies Guide:

  • World of Assassination (Platinum Trophy)
  • Nightmare Fuel (Gold Trophy)
  • Silent Assassin (Silver Trophy)
  • Training Escalated (Silver Trophy)
  • Tools of the Trade (Silver Trophy)
  • Shortcut Killer (Silver Trophy)
  • Rise Up (Silver Trophy)
  • Stair Master (Silver Trophy)
  • Full House (Silver Trophy)
  • The Great Outdoors (Silver Trophy)
  • Last Call (Silver Trophy)
  • Warehouse Veteran (Silver Trophy)
  • Icebreaker (Silver Trophy)
  • Hack the Planet (Silver Trophy)
  • Rich Harvest (Silver Trophy)
  • Vineyard Virtuoso (Silver Trophy)
  • Train Surfing (Silver Trophy)
  • Last Stop (Silver Trophy)
  • The Result of Previous Training (Bronze Trophy)
  • Cleared the Field Duty (Bronze Trophy)
  • Seizing the Opportunity (Bronze Trophy)
  • The Creative Assassin (Bronze Trophy)
  • Top of the Class (Bronze Trophy)
  • A New Profile (Bronze Trophy)
  • Unseen Assassin (Bronze Trophy)
  • Stylish Assassin (Bronze Trophy)
  • Death from Above (Bronze Trophy)
  • Dune Raider (Bronze Trophy)
  • Treacherous Architecture (Bronze Trophy)
  • Keep Your Eyes Peeled (Bronze Trophy)
  • Master of the Household (Bronze Trophy)
  • No Stone Unturned (Bronze Trophy)
  • Upstairs, Downstairs (Bronze Trophy)
  • Family Feud (Bronze Trophy)
  • Death of the Party (Bronze Trophy)
  • Followed the Trails (Bronze Trophy)
  • Parties Out (Bronze Trophy)
  • Bird Art (Bronze Trophy)
  • Nexus-47 (Bronze Trophy)
  • Surveillance Master (Bronze Trophy)
  • Future Shock (Bronze Trophy)
  • Console Cowboy (Bronze Trophy)
  • The Last Tango (Bronze Trophy)
  • Master the Terroir (Bronze Trophy)
  • Ripe for the Picking (Bronze Trophy)
  • Evil Wine Club (Bronze Trophy)
  • Bullet Train (Bronze Trophy)
  • Count Down From 47 (Bronze Trophy)

So these were all the trophies that you will be getting after completion of a mission in Hitman 3

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So this was all about the Hitman 3 Maps, Location, and Trohpies. Now let us have a look at the Hitman 3 Official Gameplay Trailer.

Hitman 3 Official Gameplay Trailer

So this was all about the Hitman 3 Maps, Locations, Trophy Guide, and Gameplay (Jan 2021). You can watch this video, which was posted on IGN’s official YouTube channel. This is the official Gameplay Trailer of Hitman 3.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach on Hitman 3 Maps, Locations, Trophy Guide, and Gameplay (Jan 2021).

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