Horizon Zero Dawn PC Update 1.10 Patch Notes, Download Size, and Bug Fixes (Jan 2021)

Horizon Zero Dawn PC update 1.10 is now out and the Patch Notes are now available. Guerilla Games pushed an update for the game yesterday on the 19th of Jan. The Horizon Zero Dawn  PC update 1.10 only focuses on fixing the bugs and issues present in the game, as well as it also improves the overall graphics of the game.

We have all the details about Horizon Zero Dawn PC update 1.10 and we also have the official Patch Notes provided by Guerilla Games, we will also discuss the downloading size as well, have a look.

Horizon Zero Dawn PC Update 1.10

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Horizon Zero Dawn PC Update 1.10 (HZD PC)

Horizon Zero Dawn is continually getting updates from Guerilla Game. HZD was out in 2020 November on PC and fans are just loving this game. Horizon Zero Dawn is getting constant updates however it does not mean the game does not contain any bugs. HZD has some serious issues and bugs which has been fixed with the PC update 1.10.

This update of Horizon Zero Dawn fixes many major bugs that were present in the game such as the VRAM bug which is a serious issue as this issue was related to the AMD GPUs and players were getting frustrated with this VRAM issue (later we will explain the AMD GPU VRAM issue) which now has been fixed with the update 1.10 Patch.

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Downloading Size: The Horizon Zero Dawn update 1.10 Patch is now available to download on PC only as it is a specific update for PC users only. However, the downloading size of the HZD update 1.10 patch is still unknown. And as soon as we get the details we will update the downloading size here.

Now let us head over to the official Horizon Zero Dawn PC update 1.10 Patch Notes.

Horizon Zero Dawn PC Update 1.10 Patch Notes (AMD GPU VRAM ISSUE)

Here are the complete official Patch notes of Horizon Zero Dawn PC update 1.10, have a look:

Crash Issues

  • When continuously pressing the windows key, the game was getting crash which has been fixed now.
  • Crashing when pressing LMB on the ESC key when checking the Benchmarks results has been fixed.

Performance Improvements (AMD GPUs VRAM ISSUE)

  • An issue in which it was consuming a lot of VRAM in AMD GPUs has now been fixed. Now it will save up to 250 MB of VRAM in all AMD GPUs.

Graphical Improvements

  • In Window Mode, the low-resolution issue has been fixed.
  • The negative values in the Cubemap relighting shader have been fixed.
  • When pressing the Auto-Detect key, the graphic settings preset name was not updating which has been fixed in this update.
  • While changing the AF in the borderless mode, the menu was not loading or not getting displayed correctly on the screen, which has been fixed.
  • The Errands quest list overlapping with the tutorial quest list has been fixed.

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Other Changes

  • In other changes, there is not much only the Graphics settings will now be stored in the text file in place of the binary file to make the tweaking a bit easier.

So these were all the changes that have been done in the Horizon Zero Dawn PC Update 1.10. The official patch notes of this update are available on Guerilla Games’ official website and also you can read the patch notes on Steam.


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Hopefully, you will like our approach on Horizon Zero Dawn PC Update 1.10 Patch Notes, Bug Fixes, and AMD.

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