How to Beat Giovanni November 2020 Pokemon GO

Most of the Pokemon GO players want to know how to beat Giovanni November 2020. They want to defeat this enemy in the battle.

In this article, we will see how to defeat this strong and powerful enemy in the Pokemon GO game on your device. Let’s begin seeing how to defeat this villain in your game without wasting time.

how to beat gilvanni july 2020

How to beat Giovanni November 2020?

We have brought the most effective way to defeat this character in November 2020 easily. Now, you will have to battle with this Giovanni more in the game. So, it is needed to know the defeating method of Giovanni. It will help you in playing this game easily.

Before knowing the fighting and beating process of Giovanni, we will see how to find him. After knowing the finding method, we will see the beating process.

Finding Giovanni in Pokemon GO game

First of all, you will have to complete four levels of Looming. You will have to complete it in the Shadows research. After that, you will have to get a Super Rocket Radar. After that, find Giovanni in the disguised Rockets grunts. You will find those at different stops. Check each grunt by spinning each stop. You will find Giovanni in one of those stops.

Another way of finding Giovanni is to use Super Rocket Radar to find the Hot Air Balloons in which Giovanni is present.

After finding Giovanni, you will have one of the hardest fights in the game. Let’s see how to beat Giovanni November 2020.

How to beat Giovanni November 2020?

Now, we will see the beating process of Giovanni. Keep it in mind that he is one of the most powerful enemies you will find in the game. It is not easy to defeat him. Giovanni also uses Protection shields. Due to this, there will be no effect on him even after two Charge attacks from your most powerful Pokemon.

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Do you know that Giovanni always starts the battle with Persian and ends with Entei? He can use any other Pokemon in the second place. So, we will see the weakness of all these Pokemon one by one.

1. Persian

Persian is one of the weakest Pokemon of Giovanni. It is a normal Pokemon. You can defeat it easily if you play wisely. We will recommend you to charge up your strongest pokemon. After charging up the Charge Move, defeat Persian using any other Pokemon. Your charged Pokemon will help you in defeating Entei at the last stage of the battle.

2. Rhyperior/ Kingler/ Steelix

In the second place, Giovanni can send any Pokemon from these three Pokemon. Now, we will see all three Pokemon one by one.

Rhyperior is the weakest among the three Pokemon. You can easily defeat it. Kingler is a Water-type pokemon. It not that strong pokemon. He is weak on the grass and electric type. Steelix is the strongest among all the three Pokemon. It is not easy to defeat Steelix. But, you can defeat it using a proper counter.

3. Entei

In the process, how to beat Giovanni November 2020, it is necessary to defeat Entei. Giovanni always sends this Pokemon at last. You will have to fight well to defeat this Pokemon. Entei is a Fire-type of Pokemon. So, you should use Water-type Pokemon. The main thing about defeating this Pokemon is to play wisely. Choose your Pokemon according to the enemy.

Conclusion: How to beat Giovanni November 2020

In conclusion, we hope that you have learned how to beat Giovanni November 2020. If you still have any problem, feel free to ask us in the comment box. We are here to help you.

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