Pokemon GO: How to Beat Sierra November 2021? Counters, Weaknesses

All Pokemon trainers are wondering How to Beat Sierra in November 2021 as the complete Pokemon lineup sent by Sierra and other Team GO Rocket leaders are changed. Due to this, you can no longer use your previous counters against them in the battle this month.

So, we have decided to bring this about How to Beat Sierra in Pokemon Go in November 2021, the best counters that you should use against this leader, the Pokemon lineup that will be sent by Sierra, and other details related to it. Let’s explore the complete guide without any delay.

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how to beat sierra

How to Beat Sierra in Pokemon GO in November 2021?

When it comes to Pokemon games, Pokemon GO is definitely one of the best choices that Pokemon fans choose. This Augmented Reality based game is very popular among Android and iOS devices. In this game, having a battle with Team GO Rocket grunts is an easy task.

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But, if you are going to have a battle with the leaders, you need some skills and better counters. This month, the complete Pokemon lineup of all the leaders is changed.

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Due to this, having a battle with them is more challenging.

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If you are also wondering how to beat Sierra in Pokemon GO in the month of November 2021, then you have reached the correct place. You will have to make a proper strategy to beat this leader in the game. (www.echelon.health) Just follow the complete guide for it.

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First of all, it is important to know about the new lineup of Sierra. The battle with her will be in three rounds. In each round, you will have to face a new Pokemon. Check out these Pokemon and their counters below.

First Pokemon

The first Pokemon that you will face in the battle against Sierra will be Carvanha. You can easily beat this Water/Dark-type Pokemon in the battle. You can choose from these counters against it.

  • Togekiss: Charm or Ancient Power
  • Torterra: Razor Leaf or Frenzy Plant
  • Scrafty: Counter or Foul Play
  • Hydreigon: Dragon Breath or Dark Pulse

Second Pokemon

The second Pokemon that you will face will be from Hippowdon, Porygon-Z, and Mismagius. It will be selected randomly, so be prepared against all of them. Check out the counters below.

For Hippowdon:

  • Kyogre: Waterfall or Surf
  • Roserade: Razor Leaf or Grass Knot
  • Torterra: Razor Leaf or Frenzy Plant
  • Rhyperior: Mud Slap or Surf

For Porygon-Z:

  • Lucario: Counter or Power-Up Punch
  • Hariyama: Counter or Dynamic Punch
  • Escavalier: Counter or Drill Run
  • Machamp: Counter or Close Combat

For Mismagius:

  • Muk: Snarl or Dark Pulse
  • Krookodile: Snarl or Crunch
  • Tyranitar: SmackDown or Crunch
  • Ursaring: Shadow Claw or Close Combat

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Third Pokemon

The last Pokemon that you will have to face will be from Flygon, Houndoom, and Walrein. Check out their counters below and be ready to have battled with any of them as the third Pokemon will be chosen randomly.

For Flygon:

  • Alolan Ninetales: Powder Snow or Weather Ball
  • Clefable: Charm or Meteor Mash
  • Gardevoir: Charm or Synchronoise
  • Articuno: Ice Shard or Icy Wind

For Houndoom:

  • Conkeldurr: Counter or Dynamic Punch
  • Rampardos: SmackDown or Rock Slide
  • Kyogre: Waterfall or Hydro Pump
  • Kingler: Bubble or Crabhammer

For Walrein:

  • Metagross: Bullet Punch or Meteor Mash
  • Tangrowth: Vine Whip or Power Whip
  • Melmetal: Thunder Shock or Superpower
  • Alolan: Exeggutor Bullet Seed or Seed Bomb

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Do not forget to share your opinion about How to Beat Sierra below.

Conclusion: How to Beat Sierra

In conclusion, we hope that you have got the complete guide about How to Beat Sierra in Pokemon GO this month, the lineup of Pokemon used by this leader, and much more. If you have any doubts or queries related to this guide, you can ask us in the comment section. We are here to help you in solving all your questions and doubts.

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