How to Do Farming in Valheim: Best Guide 2021

Sustaiable flow of food is very imporant and players are wondering about How to do farming in Valheim? So here is the full step by step guide on How to do farming. In this guide, you will get to know about how to farm  seeds, cultivation, and more, have a look.

How to Do Farming in Valheim

Valheim is gaining a lot of popularity after being released and players are loving the gameplay. It is a biking survival simulator game and when you start you have nothing in the game, you will have to get everything yourself such as home, tools, weapons, equipment, and a lot more stuff. Food is a very important part in the game and without food survival is not possible. However, there is a lot of food which you will easily find here and there in the game.

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You can get food by farming as well. Farming is also one of the most important work which you will have to do in Valheim. By doing farming, you have to get food for your survival. You will have to find the seeds, getting the tools, build up your farm, and time to harvest.

Below, is the full guide on How to do farming in Valheim, have a look.

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How to do Farming in Valheim?

Getting food easily in Valheim can be considered as lucky as it is hard to find food easily in the game. There are a very less food resources available. You will have to grow your own crops for food. Any area can be turned into a farmable land with just a little effort.

During the gameplay, you may find a lot of seeds here and there in Valheim. You will have to plant those seeds so that they can grow into something edible. Before planting the seeds into the land is not difficult but you need some items before you plant the seeds.

To plant the seeds into land, the first thing you need is ofcouse the seeds. There are 3 types of total seeds which you can plant and eat in Valheim, here is the list:

  • Carrot Seed: These can be found on the ground in the Black Forest.
  • Beech Seed: These can be found in the swamp biome off Turnip flowers.
  • Turnip Seed: These can be found be cutting cutting down beech trees.

Also, there is technically a 4th seed in Valheim which is called the Ancient Seed. But you can’t plant this. All the 3 seeds which are given above can be planted.

After you have got the seeds, you will have to plant them in the soil. You can try planting these seeds close to your setup but not too close as the beech tree will grow very huge.

After that, you have to craft the cultivator tool and you can chop down the Pine tress with a Bronze axe and loot the core wood to get the cultivator.

How to craft Cultivator: How to do farming in Valheim?

To make the cultivator in Valheim, you are required to have 10 core wood and five bronze bars which you can made from 10 copper and 5 tin.

You will have to equip the cultivator in one of the 8 slots. After that, go to the selected farm where you decided to plant the seeds. You will then have to press the left mouse button to turn the soil into grass. Then open the build menu and choose a seed to plant in the soil.

After some time the seed will grow up and can be harvested for unlimited food. Also read How to Tame a Boar in Valheim? Easy Taming and Breeding Guide 2021.

Valheim is available to download on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

So this was all about How to Do Farming in Valheim: Best Guide 2021. Hopefully, you will like our approach.

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