How to Find Fossils in Animal Crossing? New Fossil List (Dec 2020)

By | November 30, 2023

How to find Fossils in Animal Crossing?

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Finding Fossils in Animal Crossing is a headache so we have given a list below we have a full guide on How to Find Fossils in Animal Crossing. Fossils can be used to sell or donate, fossils can help you fetch a good amount of money, so have a look at the guide.

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How to Find Fossils in Animal Crossing

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, fossils play an important role, these are skeletal which once live on your island, and creatures like bugs, fish, paintings, and sea creatures all these can be donated to museums as well.

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We have a simple and quick guide on How to Find Fossils in Animal crossing, have a look.

How to find fossils in Animal Crossing?

There are a total of 73 different types of fossils are present in Animal Crossing New Horizons and in this, a total of 14 fossils stand alone and 21 fossil sets in which there are 2-6 individual fossils and when you place them together then it will create a dinosaur skeleton.

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Now we should move to the main topic which is How to Find fossils in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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To find fossils you will need a shovel, you can buy or craft a shovel. It can be difficult for you to identify which fossil you have found until you evaluate it. You can find up to 4 fossils that crack each day and if you do not collect them then they will get 2 more cracks. You can collect up to 6 fossils each day on your island. Also, you can get fossils on the mystery islands, which can get you tickets for Nook Stop at the Residential services by using the Nook Miles.

How to find Fossils in Animal Crossing: How to use?

After you have got some fossils, you have to go to the Museum. If you have not yet unlocked the museum then you have to progress the story first.

Now you have to get Blathers fossils, you will get an offer to assess what type of fossil is it. You will get the Nook Mileage activity if you have never shown if the fossil before.

After the fossil has been evaluated you can choose it donate it or you can sell it, you can also keep it with yourself. You should donate the first fossil to the museum, they can offer you good money, or you can also trade fossils at the trading board.

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How to find fossils in Animal Crossing: Fossil Set and Price List

Here is the complete list of Fossel sets and their Prices, have a look.

Name Fossil Price
Acanthostega 2000
Amber 1200
Ammonite 1100
Ankylo Skull 3500
Ankylo Tail 2500
Ankylo Torso 3000
Anomalocaris 2000
Archaeopteryx 1300
Archelon Skull 4000
Archelon Tail 3500
Australopith 1100
Brachio Chest 5500
Brachio Pelvis 5000
Brachio Skull 6000
Brachio Tail 5500
Coprolite 1100
Deinony Tail 2500
Deinony Torso 3000
Dimetrodon Skull 5500
Dimetrodon Torso 5000
Dinosaur Track 1000
Diplo Chest 4000
Diplo Neck 4500
Diplo Pelvis 4000
Diplo Skull 5000
Diplo Tail 4500
Diplo Tail Tip 4000
Dunkleosteus 3500
Eusthenopteron 2000
Iguanodon Skull 4000
Iguanodon Tail 3000
Iguanodon Torso 3500
Juramaia 1500
Left Megalo Side 4000
Left Ptera Wing 4500
Left Quetzal Wing 5000
Mammoth Skull 3000
Mammoth Torso 2500
Megacero Skull 4500
Megacero Tail 3000
Megacero Torso 3500
Myllokunmingia 1500
Ophthalmo Skull 2500
Ophthalmo Torso 2000
Pachy Skull 4000
Pachy Tail 3000
Parasaur Skull 3500
Parasaur Tail 2500
Parasaur Torso 3000
Plesio Skull 4000
Plesio Tail 4500
Plesio Torso 4500
Ptera Body 4000
Quetzal Torso 4500
Right Megalo Side 5500
Right Ptera Wing 4500
Right Quetzal Wing 5000
Sabertooth Skull 2500
Sabertooth Tail 2000
Shark-Tooth Pattern 1000
Spino Skull 4000
Spino Tail 2500
Spino Torso 3000
Stego Skull 5000
Stego Tail 4000
Stego Torso 4500
T. Rex Skull 6000
T. Rex Tail 5000
T. Rex Torso 5500
Tricera Skull 5500
Tricera Tail 4500
Tricera Torso 5000
Trilobite 1300

So this was all about How to find fossils in Animal Crossing.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach on How to Find Fossils in Animal Crossing.

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